FSL 101 Registration

Fraternity and Sorority Life 101

All students who are interested in fraternity and sorority life are required to attend a Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) 101 session prior to recruitment or intake. These sessions will cover basic fraternity and sorority life terminology, expectations for membership, rights and responsibilities of new members, sexual assault prevention, alcohol safety, combating exclusive traditions, hazing education, and transparency about what to expect. Leaders from each council and a professional staff member facilitate these sessions. Sessions will be offered varying times and dates in the fall and spring semesters to accommodate those wanting to seek membership. This training session is one-hour long that consist of both discussion base and lecture, so please be prepared for when you attend. The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life will be conducting the training in-person and via Zoom technologies. For in-person FSL 101 sessions, attendees do not need to register. For Zoom FSL 101 sessions, attendees must register by clicking on the date and time below and have a Pitt Zoom account (https://pitt.zoom.us/). Attendance will be taken at the end of the session.  

Wednesday, December 8 6:00pm Zoom Registration
Wednesday, January 5 1:00pm Zoom Registration
Thursday, January 6 4:00pm Zoom Registration
Monday, January 10 9:00pm Zoom Registration
Tuesday, January 11 4:00pm Zoom Registration
Wednesday, January 12 7:00pm Zoom Registration
Thursday, January 13 5:00pm Zoom Registration
Friday, January 14 2:00pm Zoom Registration
Tuesday, January 18 9:00pm Zoom Registration
Wednesday, January 19 3:00pm Zoom Registration
Friday, January 21 4:00pm Zoom Registration
Monday, January 24 5:00pm Zoom Registration
Thursday, January 27 4:00pm Zoom Registration
Friday, January 28 3:00pm William Pitt Union 630
Sunday, January 30 6:00pm Zoom Registration
Monday, January 31 9:00pm Zoom Registration
Wednesday, February 2 4:00pm William Pitt Union 630
Friday, February 4 2:00pm William Pitt Union 630
Tuesday, February 8 3:00pm William Pitt Union 630
Thursday, February 10 7:00pm Zoom Registration
Sunday, February 13 1:00pm Zoom Registration
Monday, February 14 4:00pm Zoom Registration
Wednesday, February 16 3:00pm William Pitt Union 630
Tuesday, February 22 7:00pm Zoom Registration
Thursday, February 24 3:00pm William Pitt Union 630
Monday, February 28 1:00pm Zoom Registration
Tuesday, March 15 6:00pm Zoom Registration
Thursday, March 24 2:00pm Zoom Registration
Monday, March 28 12:00pm Zoom Registration
Wednesday, April 6 3:00pm William Pitt Union 630
Tuesday, April 12 2:00pm Zoom Registration

If you need any accommodations to attend Fraternity and Sorority Life 101, please email Lexie Elliott, lexie.elliott@pitt.edu.