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Hours of Operation


4:30PM – 12:00AM


8:30AM – 12:00AM


8:30AM – 12:00AM


8:30AM – 12:00AM


8:30AM – 12:00AM


8:30AM – 12:00AM


4:30PM – 12:00AM

Percentage Nights

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Nordy’s Policies

Nordy’s Place is an alcohol-free space. To assure the safety and hospitality of our guests, alcoholic beverages are prohibited within the vicinity of Nordy’s Place.

Food Menus

Prices may vary.

Nordys Day Menu

Recreational Equipment

Recreational Equipment Menu

Equipment Policies

  1. Staff, faculty, graduate students, CGS, and community members must pay to play.
  2. Guests may bring their own equipment, however there is still a table fee.
  3. Recreational equipment is not available during events.
  4. Equipment must be returned 10 minutes before closing time.

Agreement Clause

I agree to return the equipment check out to me in the same condition as it was when I received it and pay the William Pitt Union any replacement or repair costs in the event said equipment is lost or damaged while checked out to me. I further agree that if I falsify or misrepresent my status as a University of Pittsburgh undergraduate student that I will be required to pay the appropriate fees of $3 per hour of play.

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Event Policies

  1. Event Food packages must be submitted a minimum of TWO (2) weeks prior to the event. Click here to submit a form.
  2. Food is prepared on a per person basis and cannot be ordered for events before 6:00pm on weeknights and after 5:00pm on weekends.
  3. Nordy’s must remain open to the public at all times.
  4. Use of recreational equipment is included for all undergraduate programs.
  5. For non-undergraduate events, recreational equipment may be rented through requesting the “Game Night” package.
  6. If you have questions or concerns please contact

Nordy’s Place Events

Nordy’s Place hosts several events throughout the year. Check out some of our annual programs below.

Game Nights

Game Nights

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Monster Bash

Monster Bash

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Trivia Nights

Trivia Night

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