PittServes is a University-wide initiative created to empower University of Pittsburgh students with the ability to truly make an impact on the Pittsburgh community. PittServes will connect individual students and student organizations seeking service opportunities, with local and regional organizations that need volunteers for projects. PittServes is designed to expand the experiential learning aspects of the University’s offerings, taking advantage of the University’s research and scholarship opportunities on the Pittsburgh campus, Outside the Classroom Curriculum (OCC) and urban location. PittServes will serve as a clearinghouse for all student community service activities including the collection, management, and reporting of community service opportunities, programming, resources, service hours, and assessment. PittServes will be comprised of new and existing community service programs, student-led initiatives, and academic-based initiatives.   

PittServes strives to empower members of the Pitt community to be engaged citizens on campus, off-campus, and globally. PittServes bridges the academic and civic missions of the University by:

  • Developing and modeling genuine partnerships with local communities and community organizations with a specific emphasis on reciprocity, transparency, and sustainability;
  • Providing training and capacity-building programs for the campus community in the areas of civic engagement, community-building, and reflection; and
  • Sponsoring and supporting a wide variety of civic engagement opportunities for students, including volunteering, internships, and community-based learning.