Technical Services

Requesting technical support is the responsibility of the person(s) organizing the event. Requests must be made two weeks prior to the date of the event in EMS.


Requests submitted less than two weeks prior to the event may not be accommodated. Equipment and staffing for events requested after the two week cut-off period must be approved by Technical Services Management.


Only the technician assigned to the event is allowed to operate the audio/visual equipment. Damages to, or loss of, equipment caused by the client will be billed to the account number provided in EMS. Any disputes with the technical staff technician can be redressed with the Management on the next business day after the event.


The cost for all equipment rental and labor are charged against the account number provided in EMS. Documentation of these charges is provided upon request. Organizations from outside the University paying for services for a University co-sponsored event cannot be billed directly. Charges must be billed to the University unit co-sponsoring the event.


Technical Services Price List

University Departments / Academic Centers

For additional equipment or services please call us at (412) 648.7821

Equipment Operator (per operator) $30/hr
Microphones: $20/each/event
LCD Projector combo (includes screen and data cabling): $100/each/event
Projection Screen (Separate from above combos) : $15/each/event
  Sizes include 70”x70”, 84”x84”, and 96”x96”
Laptop Computer: $70/each/event
Installed Theatrical Lighting System (Assembly Room, WPU only) $50 /event plus Labor
*All events that require technical support will be charged labor as determined by the Manager based on event needs.


It is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization to notify Technical Services when an event is canceled. Those that do not cancel the reservation and do not “show up” for the event will be charged for all related labor and equipment rental fees.


All student organizations certified by the Office of Student Life, through the Student Organization Resource Center (SORC), are provided with technical support at no charge, but must follow the same guidelines as set forth through these policies.


Events involving live entertainment, (e.g. concerts, fashion shows, talent shows and plays, etc.) require an extra level of coordination between the client and Technical Services. It is also necessary for the event coordinator to contact the Technical Services one month prior to the event to set up a meeting to discuss the event.


Please contact Technical Services at (412) 648-7821 for assistance.


Technical Services
William Pitt Union/O’Hara Student Center