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Maintenance and Staff Costs
Trade Hourly Rate Overtime
Carpenter $46.04/hr $60.47/hr
Custodian $24.14/hr $37.07/hr
Electrician $67.60/hr $108.15/hr
Engineer $46.79/hr $78.93/hr
Grounds $29.05/hr $41.67/hr
Laborer $38.00/hr $52.03/hr
Pitt Police - $62.64/hr
Security Guard - $31.77/hr

**All overtime requests require a 4-hour minimum.
**All prices are subject to change.
**Determination of whether Pitt Police or a Security Guard will be made by the Management.
**Sundays will be subject to double overtime.

Student Organization Costs

Room rentals and Technical Services are free for student groups. Please include any Technical Services requests in your EMS reservation. For any questions regarding Technical Services, email satech@pitt.edu or call 412-648-7821.

Student Affairs and Academic Group Costs

Room rentals and furniture setups are free.
Technical Services costs can be found here.

Non-Pitt Affiliated Group Costs

For non-Pitt affiliated groups, event hosts will be charged a fee for room rentals. Room rental costs vary. Any multipurpose room rental will include a furniture setup at no additional cost. Technical Services costs can be found here.

Room Rental Costs
Meeting Room Rentals Multipurpose Room Rentals Other Spaces
Division of Student Affairs & Formula Groups FREE FREE FREE
SORC Recognized Student Organizations FREE FREE FREE
Academic & Administrative University Units FREE FREE FREE
Non-Pitt Entities $100/ 8 HOUR PERIOD $750/8 HOUR PERIOD $500/4 HOUR PERIOD
This does not include the cost of technical services. To review technical service requests costs, click here

Advertising & Marketing


Student Government Board Marketing Resources

  • Student Events Calendar
  • Student Affairs TV screens
  • My.Pitt Homepage Announcements
  • Social Media
  • WPTS Services
Upcoming events bulletin boards on lower level of William Pitt Union. Students may turn in three copies of fliers to be hung at building management’s discretion.

Student Affairs and Academic Departments:

Student Affairs Marketing and Communications

Event Contact Information

Once your event is approved, please work with your designated William Pitt Union or O’Hara Student Center contact for any questions or concerns.

Administrative/Academic Departments in WPU Allie Chornick (chornick@pitt.edu)
Student Affairs Events Katy Tufts (katytufts@pitt.edu)
Large Student Organization Events & Nordy’s Events Olivia Lynch (ofl4@pitt.edu)
O’Hara Student Center Events John Hoehn (ohara@pitt.edu)
All Technical Services for WPU & OSC Mike Tulak (satech@pitt.edu)
EMS Activation and Troubleshooting ems-help@pitt.edu
WPU 630 (CCLD) hallt@pitt.edu
Residence Life Information Table reslife@pitt.edu
Recreation and Athletic Space sah184@pitt.edu


General Questions

When can I reserve space for next semester?
What is the difference between “reserved time” and “event time”?

Reserved time is when the room is blocked in EMS and includes time for the building staff to set up your furniture. Event time is when you have access to the room. Please include personal set up and tear down time in your “event time”.

What does a “tentative” event mean?

“Tentative” means that the space is confirmed but your event has not been confirmed yet. Normally, a few action items need to be completed before your event can be confirmed such as having a contract fully executed with SORC or completing Events with Minors paperwork through Human Resources.

Where do I submit my event contract or contract waiver for review?

The Student Organization Resource Center (SORC) on the 8th floor of the William Pitt Union can help student groups with contracting all types of services. Visit their office or the contract’s page of the SORC website at https://www.studentaffairs.pitt.edu/sorc/funding/contracts/
Academic Departments and the Division of Student Affairs should refer to their department’s Dean for all contract inquiries.

How do I request a table and/or a banner?

You can request a banner or a table on our event reservation website, EMS. Once logged in, under the Reservations tab you should see options for WPU Table, Residence Life Information Table, and WPU Banner Request. Contact ems-help@pitt.edu if you do not see these options.

To view banner dimensions, please visit https://www.studentaffairs.pitt.edu/studentunions/about/. Banners in the Quad can be reserved through Residence Life. Email Carly Ramer at reslife@pitt.edu to discuss this process.

I didn’t make a reservation and wish to use a room today, how do I go about requesting it?

Room requests must be made in advance through EMS. However, you can come to the information desk and ask for the manager on duty to see if you can make a one-time, last minute request for one of our open rooms.

I need additional furniture for my upcoming event, how do I go about requesting it?

You can edit the furniture on EMS or you can contact the Reservations Office. Room set-ups are due 2 weeks before the event date.

What happens if the day of the event I do not like the way the room is set-up?

You can come to the information desk to speak to the Reservations Office or the Manager on Duty. Late requests for furniture changes are not guaranteed.

What is the max capacity of “X” room?

See our WPU Max Capacities Guide for information about room max capacities.

How do I cancel my reservation?

You can cancel your event through EMS or email the Reservations Office at wmpittun@pitt.edu. All cancellations should be made no later than 5 days before the program.

How much does it cost to reserve space in WPU/OSC?
Meeting Room Rentals Multipurpose Room Rentals Other Spaces
Division of Student Affairs & Formula Groups FREE FREE FREE
SORC Recognized Student Organizations FREE FREE FREE
Academic & Administrative University Units FREE FREE FREE
Non-Pitt Entities $100/ 8 HOUR PERIOD $750/8 HOUR PERIOD $500/4 HOUR PERIOD
This does not include the cost of technical services. To review technical service requests costs, click here
If I’m a vendor, how can I reserve space?

Vendors must submit a Vendor Request Form and pay a fee. Once you submit the form, you will work directly with the WPU Reservations Office.

Can I add an additional room to my reservation?

If your event is less than 14 days away, you can make an additional reservation in EMS for another space. If you are within a 14 day window, check to make sure the room is available and contact wmpittun@pitt.edu to see if a last minute request can be made.

Can my event run past building hours?

If you would like to open the building early or stay past closing for a program, email Allie Chornick, Building Manger at chornick@pitt.edu to put in a formal request. The cost to be open outside of building hours is $50/hour with a 4-hour minimum in order to provide appropriate staffing.


When do I need to use release waivers?

If your event is deemed as being “high risk” for participants, a release waiver is required through SORC. Visit https://www.studentaffairs.pitt.edu/sorc/funding/contracts/ to access the release waivers and print copies for your participants to sign.

How can I collect money for an event or fundraiser?

There are several ways to collect money for an event or fundraiser.

The William Pitt Union Ticket Office provides cashboxes for departments or student organizations free of charge. Unless other arrangements are made, the cash box (alone or in conjunction with the ticket window) will contain $50 or $100 in small bills. To request a cashbox, visit https://www.studentaffairs.pitt.edu/studentunions/forms/ and click on “Ticket Office Service Request”.

The William Pitt Union Ticket Windows are available for student organizations to sell their tickets or take donations during their events. Organizations are required to staff the window with members of their organization. This service is available after 5 pm on weekdays and after 7 am on weekends.

The William Pitt Union Ticket Office can sell tickets Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm for departments or student organizations. All requests must be submitted online at https://www.studentaffairs.pitt.edu/studentunions/forms/.

Do you provide tablecloths?

The student unions do not provide tablecloths. Campus Catering can provide tablecloths for your event, but there is a fee for the linens. Contact catering@bc.pitt.edu to request tablecloths and pricing.

Am I allowed to hang decorations at my event?

Event hosts are not allowed to hang or tape anything on the windows, pillars, walls, or doors. Table decorations are allowed.

Which rooms can I turn the lights off/ dim lights for an event?

The Assembly Room, Dining Room A, and Dining Room B are the only rooms that you can dim or turn the lights off for an event.

Events with Food

What are the three types of food forms for the unions?

1. Catering Exemption – Campus Catering is the approved caterer on campus and has the right to bid for your business. In the event you would like to pursue a company outside of the university, a Catering Exemption must be completed. To learn more about catering exemptions, visit https://apps.fis.pitt.edu/cateringexemption
2. Donated Food (from Food Services) - The Department of Housing, Food Services, and Panther Central proudly donate Pepsi Products and food items to the University of Pittsburgh community. They attempt to support student programs and University events that are open to the University of Pittsburgh’s student body. To request donated food or services from University Food Services, visit https://apps.fis.pitt.edu/donatedFoods/DonatedFoods
3. Snack Approval Form – if you are hosting a program with less than 100 people in the WPU or OSC and would like to bring in snack-like items, visit https://www.studentaffairs.pitt.edu/studentunions/forms/. Homemade food and potlucks are prohibited. Pizza, chips, pretzels, appetizer trays (veggie, fruit, dips), and items from a bakery are permitted.

Do I need to fill out a food form for an Info Table?

Yes, if you are handing out food at your table a snack approval form or catering exemption must be submitted and reviewed.

What if I can’t afford campus catering?

You can submit a catering exemption form to be exempt from using campus catering. We would also recommend calling Campus Catering because they will work with an event budget to provide food. Donated food can be requested from Food Services as well. See https://www.studentaffairs.pitt.edu/studentunions/forms/ for all food form options.

How can I host an event with cultural food?

You can submit a catering exemption form online. Catering exemptions are due 21 days before your event date. We would also recommend calling Campus Catering because they will work with an event budget and have hired more chefs in hopes of better accommodating cultural programs.

How many tables do I need for food?

If you ordered Campus Catering, their contract will specify how many tables you need for food. If you are not working with Campus Catering, the Reservations Office can provide a recommendation.

Why can’t I bring food into the Cathedral classrooms?

The Cathedral of Learning is an academic building and custodial staff are not provided to service the rooms for meetings and events.

If I buy it from Giant Eagle does it count as a snack?

If you buy pre-packaged items that do not need to be re-heated or cooked than it may count as a snack. Homemade food and potlucks are prohibited. Pizza, chips, pretzels, veggie, fruit, and hummus trays, and items from a bakery are permitted.

Technical Services

How do I reserve technical services for an event in WPU/OSC?

On EMS, you can choose what audio/visual equipment you would like at the time of reservation. If you have already submitted your request, once it is confirmed, login to EMS and you can edit your reservation by clicking on “View My Requests”. To add technical services to a reservation, click on the event, then click on the green plus sign under “Services”.

How do I reserve technical services in a classroom?

The Unions’ Technical Services staff do not oversee the classrooms. Please reach out to Center for Teaching and Learning at 412-624-3335.

What equipment can Technical Services offer?

Projector, screen, laptop, audio cables, microphone (wireless, wired, or lapel), DVD deck. Visit Technical Services for pricing information.

Does your building have Wifi?

If you are a current Pitt student, faculty, or staff member you can connect to the Pitt WiFi. If you are not a member of the Pitt community, the event host must sponsor WiFi by contacting CSSD prior to the event date. CSSD can be reached at 412-624-4357.

Can’t I just plug in to the A/V equipment in the meeting rooms?

We recently upgraded the equipment on the 5th and 8th floors and they now require technical assistance. Please request technical services through satech@pitt.edu or in your EMS space request.

Specialty Events

I want to host a dance in the student unions, what do I need to do?

Reserve the date that you would like to host your dance on EMS and reach out the Assistant Manager – Night Operations at ofl4@pitt.edu to schedule a meeting to discuss event logistics and security.

I am certified in CPR and want to teach a class in the WPU, what do I need to do?

Reserve the space on EMS and fill out an Instruction Services Agreement through SORC.

Can I have a food-eating contest?

No, food eating contests are prohibited.

Can I do a paint event? Crafting?

Yes, please contact the Reservation Coordinator at mey55@pitt.edu to discuss logistics and clean up procedures.

Do you have a runway?

The William Pitt Union does have a runway for the Assembly Room. Please request a runway through your event description and set up type in EMS.

Do you have pipe and drape?

We do not supply pipe and drape. Randy Schmotzer in Facilities Management will assist with furniture and event rentals. He can be reached at 412-624-8809. There will be a charge for any rentals.

Can we do an overnight event?

We currently do not have any overnight events in the William Pitt Union. Please contact the Manager of the William Pitt Union or the Manager of the O’Hara Student Center with your event idea.
- Allie Chornick, WPU – 412-648-7810
- John Hoehn, OSC – 412-624-3438

What is your policy on showing movies or TV shows during an event?

Any organization or department wishing to show a movie or film in spaces controlled by the William Pitt Union or O’Hara Student Center Reservations Offices are required to purchase the appropriate licensing, regardless of an admission fee. No space requests will be approved until a copy of the license is received. Please send a copy of the license to ofl4@pitt.edu.

For information on obtaining a license and cost, please contact one of the film distributors listed below:
- Swank Motion Pictures Incorporated: www.swank.com
- Criterion: www.criterionpic.com

Any organization or department who fails to comply with this policy and is found showing a movie or film without purchasing a performance license may have their event shut down immediately and will have reservation rights suspended for one year from the date of the violation.

The only films exempt from this policy are those acquired through the University of Pittsburgh's Library System Kanopy, Netflix educational one time screening of documentaries, or by selecting a movie within the public domain.

What do I need to do if I would like to host a pie-throwing contest or fundraiser?

Pie throwing or “pie a student leader” events, can only happen on the 5th Avenue concrete walkway directly in front of the WPU.
- Student groups MUST use shaving cream in the pie tin- NOT whipped cream or pie filling.
- Participants in the pie throwing are not permitted to use WPU restroom facilities to clean up.
- During warm months, a hose MUST be requested from grounds crew through the WPU manager (chornick@pitt.edu) in order to clean up after the event. All shaving cream must be thoroughly hosed off of sidewalk. All trash must be picked up and placed in garbage bags during and after event. Hose must be coiled neatly after the program concludes. Paper towels and garbage bags are recommended.

Can I host a bake sale?

A bake sale is defined as the sale of items that will not spoil in the absence of refrigeration. Items included in the bake sale must come from the pre-approved list of breads, brownies, cakes, cookies, covered/dipped apples, donuts, fudge, muffins, or pretzels.

Below are the guidelines for hosting a bake sale in the student unions:
- An itemized list of baked goods must be provided to WPU or OSC management at least five days before the program
- A cashbox request form must be filled out and approved at least five days prior to the program
- If applicable, items must disclose if they contain nut products or other allergens
- All items must be individually wrapped in a substance that allows the buyer to see the item prior to purchase