Student Unions

Building Hours:

The William Pitt Union is open for the Summer!

Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 5 PM
Saturday/Sunday Closed

Floor Hours

Monday-Friday Saturday/Sunday
Main, 1, 3, 5 Building Hours Closed
Lower, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 Closed Closed

To reach specific departments, review the building directory below.  Most offices are working remotely and can be reached between the hours of 9 AM – 5 PM Monday through Friday.

Building Directory

Lower Floor Room # Phone # Operating Status Email Hours 
Nordy’s Place (412) 648-8089 Closed Closed
Schenley Café Closed dineoncampus
Commuter Student Lounge L-2 (412) 648-2172 Closed  –
Main Floor Email Hours
WPU Reservations Office M-02 (412) 648-7817 Remote Mon – Fri
WPU Information Desk M-03 (412) 648-7815 Open Mon – Fri
WPU Technical Services M-03 (412) 648-7821 Remote  Mon – Fri
Contact for Appt.
WPU Ticket Office M-07 (412) 648-7814 Open via Info Desk Mon – Fri
Pitt Program Council M-30 (412) 648-7900 Remote Contact for Appt.
First Floor Email Hours
New Student Programs (NSP) 119 (412) 648-2172 Remote Contact for Appt.
Office of Student Life 130 (412) 648-1074 Remote Contact for Appt.
Parent and Family Resources 130 412-624-8548 Remote
Disability Resources & Services (DRS) 140 (412) 648-7890 Remote Contact for Appt.
Second Floor Email Hours
Career Center  200 (412) 383-4473 Remote  Virtual drop-ins
Outside the Classroom Curriculum (OCC) 200 412 648 7142 Remote Contact for Appt.
Third Floor Email Hours
Reflection Room 312 Closed Building Hours
Quiet & Collaborative Study Lounges 321-322 Open Building Hours
Fitness Center 340 (412) 648-1476 Open Fitness Center Hours
Stress-Free Zone 329 (412) 648-7930 Remote Tune in to live streams via social media
Fourth Floor Email Hours
UPTV 400 Remote Contact for Appt
WPTS FM 411 (412) 648-7990 Hybrid See WPTS FM Staff for Contact Information Contact for Appt.
Student Affairs Marketing and Communications 423 (412) 648-1049 Remote See Marketing & Communications for contact information. Mon–Fri
Contact for Appt.
The Pitt News  434 (412)648-7819 Remote Mon – Fri
In-person visits by appt only
Student Org Lockers  429 Open Visit Info Desk for Access
Fifth Floor Email Hours
Dance Studio 501 Closed Building Hours
Graduate Student Lounge 524 Open Building Hours
Student Office of Sustainability (SOOS) 510 (412)  624-5600 Remote  Contact for Appt.
Sixth Floor Email Hours
Cross-Cultural and Leadership Development (CCLD) 600 (412) 648-9523 Remote Contact for Appt.
Leadership Development Programs Office 608 Remote Contact for Appt.
Asian Students Alliance (ASA) 609 Remote Contact for Appt.
Rainbow Alliance 611 Remote Contact for Appt.
Black Action Society (BAS) 613 Remote Contact for Appt.
Hillel Jewish Student Union 627 Remote Contact for Appt.
Feminist Empowerment Movement FEM 635 Remote Contact for Appt.
Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life 635 (412)648-9523 Remote Contact for Appt.
Seventh Floor Email Hours
Office of International Services (OIS) 708 (412) 624-7120 Remote Contact for Appt.
Office of the Dean 738 (412) 648-1006 Remote Contact for Appt.
Office of Student Conduct 738 (412) 648-7910 Remote Contact for Appt.
Eighth Floor Email Hours
Study Abroad 802 (412) 648-7413 Remote Contact for Appt.
Anthony Travel/Panther Express 810 (412) 246-9024 Remote Contact for Appt.
Office of Interfaith and Spirituality 824 Remote  Contact for Appt.
Graduate Professional Student Association (GPSG) 826 (412) 648-7844 Remote Contact for Appt.
Student Organization Resource Center  833 (412) 624-7115 Remote Call Us
Student Government Board (SGB) 848 (412) 648-7970 Remote Contact for Appt.
Chaplain’s Office 835 Remote Contact for Appt.
Ninth Floor Email Hours
PITT ARTS 907 (412) 624-4498 Remote Contact for Appt.
Study Lounge 910 Closed
PittServes 923 (412) 624-1065 Remote Contact for Appt.
Residence Life  935 (412) 648-1200 Remote Mon – Fri

Our Mission

Located in the heart of our bustling campus community, our Student Unions offer you safe, welcoming, and convenient spaces to relax, study, socialize, and more. Whether you’re looking to grab lunch, a quick workout, or some quiet study time, you’ll find what you need at either the William Pitt Union or the O’Hara Student Center. Our goal is to help you feel at home and do what you love.

Welcome to our Student Unions!

Welcome to the Student Unions homepage. Browse around our site to see how to reserve space in our buildings, what services we can provide, what Student Affairs and Academic Departments are housed here, and contact information if you can’t find what you are looking for. We hope to see you in the student unions soon! Hail to Pitt!


Does your building have free wifi?

If you are a current Pitt student, faculty, or staff member you can connect to the Pitt wifi. If you are not a member of the Pitt community, the event host must sponsor wifi by contacting CSSD prior to the event date. CSSD can be reached at 412-624-4357.

Where can I have parking validated?

Parking is not validated unless prearranged by an event sponsor. For Pitt Starts, parking can be validated at Panther Central in Towers lobby.

Where can I get a Port Authority Connect card?

United Check Cashing – 3711 Forbes Avenue. To find other locations, visit

Can I take the bus for free?

Anyone with a Pitt (Oakland) ID can take the bus for free. All Port Authority routes and fees can be found at

I'm looking for a specific building, where can I find it?

To view the campus map, click here.

Where can I go to get food on campus?

Schenley Cafe can be found on the lower level of the William Pitt Union.

You can find more information about our dining services here.

I lost something at an event last week, will it still be there?

For help with lost items, see our Information Desk.

Can I use the pianos in the WPU or OSC?

The pianos are unfortunately unavailable for rental during the Shelter-In-Place.