Student Unions

WELCOME TO our Student Unions!

Our mission: Located in the heart of our bustling campus community, our Student Unions offer you safe, welcoming, and convenient spaces to relax, study, socialize, and more. Whether you’re looking to grab lunch, a quick workout, or some quiet study time, you’ll find what you need at either the William Pitt Union or the O’Hara Student Center. Our goal is to help you feel at home and do what you love.

William Pitt Union (WPU)



The William Pitt Union (WPU) was originally built in 1898 as the Hotel Schenley, which was considered by many as the “class hotel of the 20th century. After being sold to the University in 1956, the building originally served as both a men’s dormitory and a student union. In 1980, the WPU underwent major renovation and expansion efforts in response to Pitt’s growing student population. However, the building still features much of its original Louis XV architecture. Although it has great historical significance, the WPU continues to evolve in order to serve the ever-changing needs of our diverse student body.


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Can I park in the WPU turnaround?

Parking in the William Pitt Union driveway is prohibited. Any parking tickets issued to sponsors, performers or participants are their own responsibility. Parking arrangements are the sole responsibility of the sponsor. The William Pitt Union offers a 15 minute drop off and pick up courtesy parking in the driveway. Guests must register the car at the Information Desk.

I lost something at an event last week, will it still be there?

Any lost and found item, with the exception of food and clothing, are held at the Information Desk. These items are registered in our database for up to 30 days.

Where is the PPC Ticket office located?

The PPC Ticket Office is located directly beside the Information Desk on the main floor of the WPU.

Does your building have free wi-fi?

If you are a current Pitt student, faculty, or staff member you can connect to the Pitt wifi. If you are not a member of the Pitt community, the event host must sponsor wifi by contacting CSSD prior to the event date. CSSD can be reached at 412-624-4357.

Where can I have parking validated?

Parking is not validated unless prearranged by an event sponsor. For Pitt Starts, parking can be validated at Panther Central in Towers lobby.

Where can I get a Port Authority Connect card?

United Check Cashing – 3711 Forbes Avenue. To find other locations, visit Connectcard's website.

O’Hara Student Center (OSC)



Formerly known as the Concordia Club, the O’Hara Student Center is a three-story student union, housing both academic and student activity programs. After being acquired by the University in 2009, the building underwent major renovations to more effectively accommodate student events and meetings. The first floor includes space for studying and socializing, along with a dining room that doubles as meeting space. Meanwhile, the second floor boasts a 450-person-capacity ballroom. The O’Hara also houses the Math Assistance Center, the Freshmen Studies Program, and the Writing Center.


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Is the O’Hara Student Center (OSC) the same as the University Club?


Is there a computer lab in the OSC?


Can the OSC parking lot be reserved?


Where can you load/unload for an OSC event?

There is a parking lot located down the street from the O'Hara Student center.

Can a student use the OSC pianos?

The pianos can be used after 5pm if no event is being held.

Does your building have free wifi?

If you are a current Pitt student, faculty, or staff member you can connect to the Pitt wifi. If you are not a member of the Pitt community, your event host must sponsor free wifi by contacting CIDDE prior to the event date.