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We are here to support you as you explore your passions and identify your purpose. PITT ARTS is dedicated to helping Pitt students in all majors and academic disciplines discover and attend performances, tours and hands-on activities– known as our Free Arts Encounters. Undergraduates at the Pittsburgh campus enjoy more than 100 Free Arts Encounters, Free Museum Visits, our Cheap Seats program and Artful Wednesdays.  Graduate and Professional Students at the Pittsburgh campus are offered Free Museum Visits, Artful Wednesdays, and may purchase Cheap Seats. Faculty and Staff at the Pittsburgh campus may purchase Cheap Seats and are welcome to see Artful Wednesdays performances via PITT ARTS. We are excited to connect you with the vibrant arts and culture scene of Pittsburgh!



The arts gets us thinking deeply, makes us laugh, causes us to question the world as it is, helps to build a diverse community international awareness, beautifies our world & nurtures our spirits. These are but a few ways that the arts makes our lives that much richer.

PITT ARTS is here to support Pitt students as they develop their excellence and their intellectual and leadership skills. We believe that students become more well-rounded persons and invested citizens through their exposure to the fine arts.

Upcoming Events:

Rhodessa Jones, Artist-in-Residence
February 2018
PITT ARTS has taken the lead on bringing Rhodessa Jones to the University of Pittsburgh for a significant Artist-in-Residency during the whole month of February 2018.

The 2017 article in the Huffington Post discusses the impact Rhodessa Jones has in transforming communities with storytelling, theatre, movement and performance.  Rhodessa Jones is a powerful speaker, performer and pedagogue, and travels all around the country at various universities, such as University of Wisconsin, UC Berkeley, USC, Dartmouth University, Scripps College, and many others.  Rhodessa will be speaking, performing, working with students at Pitt in various departments to create a new performance with them.