Outside The Classroom Curriculum

Welcome to the Outside the Classroom Curriculum!

As a college student, you’ll find that some of your most transformative experiences occur beyond classroom walls. The Outside the Classroom Curriculum (OCC) offers structure to these experiences so that you can maximize both your personal development and your Pitt experience.

What is the Outside the Classroom Curriculum?

The OCC is a collection of experiences, programs, and events at Pitt that help students to make the most of their collegiate experience. Open to all Pitt students, regardless of major or career path, the OCC helps students develop highly desirable character traits and life skills.  Download the Suitable mobile app to start tracking your experiences!

Is OCC credit the same thing as academic credit?

No. OCC credit is not associated with academic credit and students do not receive academic credit for completing the OCC.  This is because we want employers and graduate schools to know that students took the initiative to complete the OCC on their own – this sets them apart!

Want to request an OCC Information Session for your student group?

Click here to request an OCC Information Session.  An OCC Ambassador will give a brief presentation and then answer any questions from the group.  You can customize your presentation on the request form if you or your group have specific questions about Suitable or the OCC.  Once you submit an Info Session request, we will follow up with you to confirm the details and the OCC Ambassador assigned to do your presentation will reach out to you.

OCC Website GraphicThe Outside the Classroom Curriculum (OCC) Honor Society recognizes students who have taken the initiative to fully engage in their co-curricular experience at the University of Pittsburgh. By completing requirements under ten distinct goal areas, OCC Honor students are taking an active role in their personal and professional development.

Students who participate fully in the OCC report that they are more engaged in campus life, feel more connected to the University and their peers, and are more knowledgeable about resources and services at Pitt. And, perhaps most importantly, students who complete the OCC feel well prepared in interviews for internships, admission to graduate school, and full-time employment. Employers and graduate school admissions counselors have assured us that the outcomes within the 10 goal areas of the OCC are the specific traits they are looking for in applicants.

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