Celebrate Responsibly

Our students enjoy a rich tradition of dynamic and winning sports teams—both here at Pitt and within the city of Pittsburgh.  However, along with this tradition of winning comes responsibility.  

We encourage our students to celebrate and support the University’s and city’s sporting accomplishments. But students should be aware that the Student Code of Conduct will be strictly enforced during any and all celebrations in Oakland.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Criminal Mischief: property damage of any kind
  • Arson: setting or fueling a fire
  • Alcohol Violations: underage drinking, public drunkenness and/or open containers
  • Failure to Disperse: failure to obey officers’ command to leave an area or direction to go to a specific area
  • Failure to follow the Student Code of Conduct may result in suspension, dismissal, fines or community service.
  • A criminal record could affect future employment opportunities.

So just remember, celebrate responsibly and Hail to Pitt!

Be a Good Neighbor

Oakland is one of the most highly populated neighborhoods in the city of Pittsburgh, with a diverse mix of residents—including college students, the elderly, and young families. This unique blend of residents, especially in an urban setting, can generate conflicts over a wide range of issues (commonly referred to as Town/Gown issues), not the least of which are off-campus parties.

We expect you, as Pitt students, to demonstrate civically responsible behavior at all times, which includes respecting your neighbors while attending or hosting parties. Whether you live on-campus or off-campus, you are expected to live by the common values expressed in the Pitt Promise.