The mission of the University Counseling Center (UCC) is to provide high quality services and programs that foster the academic and personal development, as well as the psychological well-being, of Pitt’s diverse student body. From outreach and prevention to crisis intervention, the UCC is dedicated to supporting and empowering students to maximize their college experience and realize their fullest potential.


The UCC staff is gifted with the privilege of working with a diverse and talented student body. We understand that, while some aspects of one’s identity are readily apparent, others may be invisible. We appreciate that students’ identities are diverse and intersecting; impacting how students view the world and experience relationships and may have an effect on mental health in an important way.
Consistent with the University of Pittsburgh diversity policy, our goal, as a staff, is to provide a safe, inclusive, and affirming environment that allows all students to reach their goals of growth and change. As a staff with our own diverse identities—both visible and invisible—we are committed to providing services that honor students’ unique needs, concerns, and personhoods.
When receiving services at the UCC, a student’s identity interacts with their clinician in important ways that shape the therapeutic relationship and, in turn, a student’s sense of belongingness, safety, and ability to be vulnerable in service of their goals. We understand that, to some students, working with a clinician that shares one or more of their identities is key to promoting a sense of safety. To others, it is important to work with a clinician whose identities are different from their own. When possible, we do our best to honor these requests in service of student growth.


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