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Phone: 412-648-7817

The Event Management System (EMS) is to be used for reserving rooms in the William Pitt Union (WPU), O’Hara Student Center (OSC), Campus Recreation facilities, and other designated academic buildings. The room reservation system provides an online means for reserving and viewing student organizations’ and Student Affairs’ room reservations across campus. Authorized users can submit requests for room reservations to be reviewed by William Pitt Union and O’Hara Student Center reservations staff.

Reserving Space in the Student Unions

To create an EMS account:

  • You must be an officer in a SORC recognized student organization or Pitt main campus staff or faculty
  • View our online training module
  • Complete the quiz at the end of the tutorial
  • Send in your quiz results to
  • You must also apply for an account with EMS
  • Be sure to use your Pitt username (e.g. abc123, no needed) and current Pitt password. Alias usernames should not be used.
  • New users will be notified via e-mail when their account has been activated. Typically, accounts are activated within 2 business days but can take up to 1 week during peak times of the semester.

**If your account is inactive or pending, DO NOT apply for another account! Email and we can re-activate your current account.

Student groups are eligible to have 2 members with EMS access. If you are an officer in multiple organizations, you can have access to reserve on behalf of more than one organization. Email with the student organization names and your positions within each club.

Once your account has been activated, you can begin reserving space at EMS is most user-friendly when using a computer rather than a mobile device and either Internet Explorer (version 9 or later) or Mozilla Firefox.

Need help navigating EMS? Further resources and helpful videos can be found on the student unions Youtube page or you can review the online training module at anytime.

To view the EMS Welcome Newsletter, click here

All student organizations recognized by the Office of Student Life, through the Student Organization Resource Center (SORC), are eligible to reserve space in other University buildings.

Reservation Timeline

Summer Requests
Official University Requests Pre-Confirmed Pre-Confirmed Pre-Confirmed
Division of Student Affairs & Formula Groups 2nd Monday in March 2nd Monday in September 1st Monday in March
SORC Recognized Student Organizations 2nd Monday in April 2nd Monday in October 2nd Monday in March
Academic or Administrative University Units 2nd Monday in May 1st Monday in November 2nd Monday in April
**Recreation and Athletic Space is on a different schedule than the chart above, click here to view the chart. To find out when recreational space will become available for reservation, contact

Reservation Booking Rules

Booking Rules
Multipurpose Rooms & CCLD 630 & Nordy’s 14 days in advance
Outdoor Space & Residence Life Tables in Towers 7 days in advance
Meeting Rooms, Classrooms, Dance Studio, & Tables 2 days in advance

Once your event is approved, please work with your designated William Pitt Union or O’Hara Student Center contact for any questions or concerns.
Administrative/Academic Departments within the WPU:
Allie Chornick (
WPU Student Affairs Events:
Katy Tufts (
Student Organizations (Special Events/Cultural Events) & Nordy’s:
Olivia Lynch (
O’Hara Student Center Events:
John Hoehn (
All Technical Services for WPU & OSC:
Mike Tulak (

Other helpful contact information:

EMS Activation and Troubleshooting
WPU 630 (CCLD)
Residence Life Information Table
Recreation and Athletic Space

Room Setups

Room set ups are due to William Pitt Union Reservations or O’Hara Student Center Information Desk no later than 2 weeks before an event. Set ups can be submitted online at or as well.

When requesting a room, be sure to indicate the actual start and end time of your program.

Room Default Facilities Reserved Time
Multipurpose Rooms & Nordy’s 2 hours
Dining Rooms A & B 1 hour
Meeting Rooms 30 minutes

Set Up Types and Max Capacities

Room Set Up Types

To learn how to use these room set ups, click here

Meeting Room Rentals Multipurpose Room Rentals Other Spaces
Division of Student Affairs & Formula Groups FREE FREE FREE
SORC Recognized Student Organizations FREE FREE FREE
Academic & Administrative University Units FREE FREE FREE
Non-Pitt Entities $100/ 8 HOUR PERIOD $750/8 HOUR PERIOD $500/4 HOUR PERIOD

Frequently Used Terms

Indoor Tables

Indoor tables on the lower level of the WPU (Schenley Café) available for marketing organizations.

Outdoor Tables

Outdoor tables in front of the WPU available for marketing organizations.

Multipurpose Room

Any room that the set up can be changed and adapted to fit your needs.
*Assembly Room, Kurtzman Room, Ballroom, Lower Lounge, Dining Room A & B, 548, OSC Ballroom & Dining Room

Meeting Room

Any room that must be used as found. Usually set lecture or conference style.

Residence Life Information Tables

Tables available for student groups in Towers lobby for marketing organizations. Use EMS if you would like to reserve this space.

Web Processed Templates

The permissions you have in EMS to reserve rooms. Student groups have different permissions than departments and can reserve more space on campus. For example, student groups can reserve University Classrooms in the evenings for meetings while departments are unable to.

University Classrooms

Student groups can request classrooms in the Cathedral of Learning and David Lawrence after 9pm on evenings and weekends. Student groups are not permitted to rearrange or remove classroom furniture. All requests for audiovisual equipment are handled by CIDDE.

User Defined Fields

The questions asked to you in EMS in order to collect as much information about your event as possible.

Depending on the type of event space you are looking to reserve, below are some questions EMS will need to know:

  • Event time and date
  • Advertised start and end times
  • Expected attendance
  • University/SORC account number
  • Description of event (as detailed as possible)
  • Will you be having non-Pitt speakers or guests?
  • Will you be having food/beverage?
  • Will anyone under the age of 18 be present?
  • Will there be sales or fundraising?
  • Are you interested in composting?
  • Is your event open to anyone or private?

For additional information regarding event planning, including potential costs, food forms, and policies and procedures, click here


I made an account. Why can’t I reserve space?

Creating an EMS account is a two-step process. Step 1 is watching the online training module and taking the short quiz about EMS, and then emailing a screenshot of your results to Step 2 involves setting up a username (your Pitt email) and password.  You will receive an email within a 2-3 business days with confirmation that your account has been activated.  During peak times of the year, EMS activation can take up to 1 week.

I am logged in but am unable to see any reservation options under the Reservations tab.

This could be a couple of different issues. First make sure you logged in using your Pitt username and not your Pitt email (e.g. abc123, no needed). If this did not fix the problem, then the next possibility applies if your account was just activated. If this is your case, please wait a few hours and try again. If neither of these solutions apply to you, contact or come to the Reservations Office on the Main Floor of the William Pitt Union, Monday through Friday 8:30AM – 5PM.

I have used my account in the past, but I am unable to reserve space now.

Your account status is switched to “inactive” when you have not used it or made a reservation in the past semester. Send an email to asking for your account to be reactivated. You will receive an email confirmation within a few days when it has been reactivated.

I am an officer in two clubs. How can I reserve space on behalf of both?

Send an email to Please include the clubs you are involved in and what positions you hold.

How many people can have EMS access for my student organization?

Two students per organization. Please let us know when officer transitioning is happening so we can make sure the appropriate students have access to reserve on behalf of the organization.

I can see the rooms, but I can’t pick a date to make a reservation.

EMS is best used with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. If the calendar is not showing up when you go to choose your Date, try using a different browser. Also, if you are using a mobile device, try using a computer.

How do I know what room(s) to reserve that would meet my needs?

It is important to know what the purpose of your event is and your expected attendance. This will help you choose between our traditional room set ups based on their capacities.





How do I schedule recurring meetings?

After you select the type of reservation you are trying to make under the reservations tab, you will be brought to a room search page, click “recurrence”. This will open up a new panel with information for you to complete. This panel allows you to select what kind of recurrence you want and how long you want it to last. Click “Apply Recurrence” when you have filled out the proper information, and complete the rest of your reservation.

I requested a space, now what?

Within (time range), you will receive a confirmation email from a staff member in the WPU or OSC stating your next steps.  A room set up will be required and should be sent to or 2 weeks before an event.  Meeting rooms will be set as is. To see sample set ups, visit (room guide hyperlink) or stop by the WPU Reservations desk Monday through Friday 8:30am-5pm.

How do I request technical services?

On EMS you can choose what audio/visual equipment you would like at your event. If you have already submitted your request, once it is confirmed, login to EMS and you can edit your reservation by clicking on “View My Requests”. To add technical services to a reservation, click on the event, then click on the green plus sign under Services.




Why is my reservation “tentative”?

There could be a couple of different reasons.  Make sure you read your “tentative” status email from the WPU or OSC reservations team which will explain why your status is not “confirmed”.  If you have questions, email or to receive a response within 24-48 hours.  Tentative requests usually have outstanding items that need to be addressed or turned in before being confirmed (fully executed contracts, events with minors’ paperwork, further event details required, meeting with reservations staff).

Where do I submit my event contract or contract waiver for review?

The Student Organization Resource Center (SORC) will make sure you contract or waiver gets successfully to Dean Bonner for signature.  They require that a signed vendor contract be turned in to their office a minimum of 21 days before the event to await university signature.  All contract templates and contract waiver forms can be found at

Where do I submit my events with minors paperwork?

All certified student organizations, sponsoring events involving direct contact with minors must register the event with the Division of Student Affairs through the William Pitt Union or O’Hara Student Center Reservations Office. Direct contact is defined by law as care, guidance, supervision or control of minors, or routine interactions with minors.  Visit to complete the forms.

How do I go about requesting food for an event?

There are 4 different options for having food at events:

  1. Campus Catering wait staff or drop off – Order from the campus catering menu at To place your order, contact  They can work with your budget and decide whether having wait staff on site will be helpful
  2. Catering Exemption – this option is for food items that cannot be provided by campus catering. Cultural food and some other options tend to go through this process although campus catering recently hired more chefs to be able to provide more options! To learn more about catering exemptions, visit
  3. Donated Food (from Food Services) - The Department of Housing, Food Services, and Panther Central proudly donate Pepsi Products and food items to the University of Pittsburgh community. We attempt to support student programs and University events that are open to the University of Pittsburgh’s student body. To request donated food or services from University Food Services, visit
  4. Snack Approval Form – if you are hosting a program with less than 100 people in theWPU or OSC and would like to bring in snack-like items, visit food forms hyperlink
I am interested in composting at my event, now what?

When reserving space in EMS, you will be asked if you are interested in composting at your event.  If you mark yes, someone from the Student Office of Sustainability (SOOS) will contact you.  You can also read up on how to make your event Green Certified at 

How do I update or change my reservation?

Please send any updates, changes, or cancellations to an EMS reservation to or as soon as possible.

How do I cancel my reservation?

On EMS you can cancel your reservation by logging in and clicking on “View My Requests”.  Click on the event you wish to cancel and click the red X button under Actions.



What is a “first available booking date” violation?

This violation occurs when you try to book a room too close to the event date. For our meeting rooms, reservations need to be made at least 2 days in advance, and the multipurpose rooms need to be reserved at least 14 days in advance. Information tables can be reserved 1 day in advance. See the booking rules table for more information.

What is my “last allowed booking date”?

This is the last date that you are allowed to reserve space for the semester. Because our room templates open semesterly, you may be choosing a date that is too far into the future. See the priority scheduling chart for more details.

Why does my request have a “conflict with another booking”?

This means that the time and location you are choosing is already reserved by another group. Unfortunately, you will not be able to reserve at this specific date and time.

Why am I getting an error that states “Your request violates building hours”?

Unfortunately, you are requesting to have an event during a time when the building is closed. If you would like to discuss the possibilities of hosting an after hours or early morning event, please contact

I received an error message that states that not enough furniture is available to meet my request, what do I do?

Please contact and we can check our inventory to see if there is enough to accommodate all programs that would be taking place at the same time as yours.

Why am I receiving a message that states “There is more than one user record that matches the supplied user id”?

This means that you already have an account in the EMS system.  If you are unable to login, please contact to resolve this issue.