COVID-19 Changes & Events

Building & Reservations Updates



As we progress through the semester, please remember these guidelines are subject to change based on university postures and guidance from the Chancellor.

Policy & Procedure

Within the William Pitt Union, we are adamant that university policies are followed and they will be enforced by our professional and student staff, for more information on the policies being enforced please review Pitt’s COVID-19 Standards & Guidelines. To maintain progress towards the guarded posture and then normalcy, it is imperative that we follow these guidelines and hold one another accountable.

Coronavirus Updates

For more information regarding the University of Pittsburgh’s standards and guidelines regarding COVID-19, please visit, We highly recommend bookmarking this link, as it will update whenever there is new information released.


The William Pitt Union is currently operating under the University of Pittsburgh’s elevated risk posture as of 9 PM on 3/31.  The university is currently in a shelter-in-place until further notice.

William Pitt Union Building Operations

When visiting the William Pitt Union, upon entry of the building you will need to tap your Pitt ID for contact tracing. Along with this, you will have your temperature taken at one of our contactless kiosks. There are volunteers available for any necessary assistance.

Under the shelter-in-place, the following will be occurring throughout the building:

  • All WPU lounges will be closed
  • No students are allowed to study or eat in lounges or open areas. It is recommended to either study in the library or in the dorms.
  • There will be no day-of requests
  • Students will not be able to access their SGB lockers or Student Offices
  • We will not be signing out keys to the pianos



Spring 2021 reservations are now live! To make a reservation or create an account, please visit the EMS Website.


We are still encouraging all departments and groups to hold virtual meetings and events as much as possible. If you wish to request an in-person space, a thorough review of your needs will be considered during the request process. All in-person meetings and events will need to adhere to the new limited spaces, new room capacities, and the health and safety guidelines.


Below, you will also find information regarding our capacity guidelines as well as our room guide, which are helpful resources when planning any in-person events:


WPU COVID Capacity Guidelines
WPU COVID Room Guide
Health and Safety Guidelines of the University



ALL student organizations will be required to submit Activity Request Forms for IN-PERSON activities both on and off-campus during the spring semester. Any reservation request made in EMS will complete their activity plan in the EMS reservation process. Any reservations not made through EMS or off-campus will need to fill out the appropriate SORC activity form


Please see the update below regarding the timeline for the release of forms.  All dates and deadlines are subject to change due to changes in shelter-in-place and/or University Risk Posture. For academic departments and administrative units, activity plans should be reviewed by your appropriate school’s senior leadership prior to requesting space in EMS.


If you are an outgoing student organization president or outgoing student organization EMS user, please email to update users and reservations.


Along with this information stated above, please refer to our updated booking rules for spaces:

Booking Rules
Outdoor Spaces21 days in advance
Meeting Rooms, Dance Studio21 days in advance
Tabling21 days in advance

New Classrooms Locations/University Classroom Reservations

The following spaces in the WPU & OSC will be used as University classes this semester and will not be available for reservations in EMS.


  • Nordy’s Place, Nordy’s Lounge, Assembly Room, Ballroom, Lower Lounge, Kurtzman Room, Dining Room A, Dining Room B, 310, 548, 630


  • Ballroom, Dining Room, 114

The University classrooms that were previously reservable in EMS such as David Lawrence and the Cathedral of Learning rooms will not be available for reservations during the Spring semester in EMS. For more information regarding classroom scheduling, please refer to the Office of the University Registrar.

Outdoor Space Reservations


The Cathedral Lawn and Schenley Quad will continue to be available for reservations with some limitations. To make a Cathedral Lawn request please use this FORM. Quad reservation requests can currently be made via EMS. The new WPU Plaza will be open for reservations this Spring by EMS reservation. Use the WPU Outdoor Request template in EMS to find these locations.

Tabling Reservations

The WPU is currently offering indoor and outdoor tabling. Indoor tabling is currently offered in 1 location in Schenley Cafe. Outdoor tabling will be offered in the Quad or WPU Plaza. Both can be reserved through the EMS system.

Guidelines for tabling include:

  • Organizations are not able to physically hand out, but items can be available at the table for optional pick up by guests
  • No more than 2 representatives may staff the 6′ table at one time
  • People should not congregate at the table and it is the responsibility of the organization to monitor this
  • Groups will not be allowed to collect signatures or have documents filled out at their tables
  • Bake-sales will not be allowed this semester. Any food sales must be pre-packaged and store-bought and indicated in your EMS reservation
  • Proper collection of money is still required with a WPU Ticket Office cashbox request

Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation is currently taking EMS reservations for their spaces. Please refer to the Campus Recreation website for specific details.


For questions concerning Campus Recreation facility reservation requests, contact Hunter England, Coordinator of Competitive & Recreational Sports

Technical Services

Technical Services will continue to support in-person and virtual meetings and events. All requests for services must be submitted directly to the Technical Services department via EMS or by email at a minimum of 14 days in advance. Requests are not guaranteed and will be reviewed by the Manager of Technical Services before being confirmed.


Technical Services is also prepared to assist with virtual meetings and events this semester including assistance with setting up virtual meetings, hosting webinars, and live streaming virtual events.


For additional inquires of services please contact The services will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Requests should be sent to at least 14 days out from your meeting or event date for review.


The SORC has additional helpful tips to assist students during this time. Please see the link below to find items such as Virtual Best Practices and many more resources:


As we progress through the spring semester, please remember that these guidelines are subject to change based on university postures and guidance from the Chancellor.