Student organizations play a major role in our active and vibrant campus community. Our Student Organization Resource Center (SORC) is here to ensure that our 600+ student organizations have the support they need to operate at the highest level.

2021-2022 Student Organization Handbook

The Handbook serves as a one-stop resource for policies/guidelines/procedures for registered student organizations.  Please note, any updates that will be made to the Handbook due to the COVID-19 pandemic will be released as separate Addendums to this document. All officers are expected to know and follow the guidelines in this handbook.

To access the Handbook, click on the following hyperlink: Registered Student Organization Handbook


In collaboration with Student Government Board, University Marketing & Communications, and  University Counsel, the SORC is releasing logo guidelines for all registered student organizations at  Pitt.  You can find them by clicking here.

Please remember that you should always use a licensed vendor when purchasing items that include any trademarks of the University.  Licensed vendors work closely with University Licensing to make  sure that everything they produce is in compliance with our policies.  Student organizations will  have until September 30, 2021 to come into compliance with the student organization  logo guidelines.

Upcoming Important Dates

 April 1st – Re-registration opens for ALL student organizations*

 May 16th — All check requests (disbursements) must be submitted to the SORC**

 June 3rd – All other financial requests for payments must be submitted to the SORC**

 June 15thAll undergraduate organizations wishing to participate in the Fall 2022 Activities Fair, must submit their Re-Registration

 June 20th (tentative) – Information sent out to undergraduate student organizations regarding plan for Fall Student Activities Fair.  Please note that registration for the Activities Fair is separate from Re-Registration.

 August 22nd (tentative) – Required Trainings available to all Presidents & Business Managers.

 September 9th – Re-Registration for ALL student organizations ends

 September 30thLast day to complete Required Trainings.


 *New student organizations who registered during February 2022 do not need to re-register at this time.

 **More information will be sent to Business Managers regarding this deadline.

 ***ALL student organizations Presidents and Business Managers must complete these trainings.  More information   forthcoming.


SORC Office Hours

OFFICE HOURS:  8:30 am—5 pm
CALL US:  8:30 am-5 pm