SFZ Biofeedback


anicaWhat is Biofeedback?
Biofeedback programs provide a graphic representation of how mental states affect the body.   The SFZ’s biofeedback program measures Heart Rate Variability (HRV), a signal which changes as a person experiences stress and relaxation.


Once a baseline signal is established it acts as a reference point for measuring attempts to deliberately affect the signal.   For example, when runners train to improve their marathon times, they record the time of each run as reference points for progress.   Runners deliberately affect their times by using specific training strategies.


In biofeedback, one training strategy is mindfulness.   Mindfulness is a skill that improves the ability to observe the mind’s activity in a way that reduces reactivity and anxiety.

Why Practice Biofeedback?
Regular practice of biofeedback and mindfulness can improve self-regulation skills, which can decrease reactivity and anxiety.

When Can I Practice Biofeedback in the SFZ?
Biofeedback is available during our walk-in hours.   A SFZ Peer Educator will gladly help you get started and can offer guidance until you are able to conduct these sessions on your own.