Scheduling Restrictions

Scheduling Restrictions – Using Online Student Health

The Student Health Services provides a variety of Online Portal Services to all students of our Oakland Campus thru the Student Health Services Student Portal site.   Please review the Usage Pre-Requisites first before proceeding.


All Oakland Campus students who are enrolled in classes for the Present Term.    Students who are not enrolled in classes will not be able to schedule appointments online.
If you are not eligible, there will NOT be an Appointments menu button when you access the Student Health Online Portal.

Restrictions & Guidelines

When using Online Appointment Scheduling, please help us to provide optimal patient care by carefully following the Guidelines below.   Thank you for your assistance.

Due to the pandemic, full online Appointment scheduling is not available.   However, online Appointment scheduling is available for some specialty clinics only.

If You Need Scheduling Assistance…

  1. Please call (412) 383-1800 during our Business Hours to speak with a receptionist for any to the situations below where Online Student Health is ineffective:
    • Unable to find my appointment reason in the list of available reasons.
    • Need to make a Same Day appointment
    • Unable to find an appointment that fits your schedule