Immunization Entry

Immunization Record Entry – Using Online Student Health

The Student Health Service provides a variety of Online Portal Services to all students of our Oakland Campus thru the Student Health Service Student Portal site.   Please review the Usage Pre-Requisites first before proceeding.

 By completing your Immunization form online, you will accomplish the following:

  • This will prevent an Immunization hold from being placed on your student account.
  • This medical information enables our medical staff to provide optimal care to you.
  • By completing required forms before your visit, you will save time on your visit by helping the Health Service to operate more efficiently.

It is University policy that all new students to the University (including Freshmen) must provide immunization information to the University Health Service.   Another requirement of this policy is that is that all students must be immunized with the MMR vaccine or the alternative equivalent.   An Immunization hold is the result of violating this policy and will prevent you from registering for classes until it is removed.

How to Complete the Immunization Form Online

  1. Logon to the Student Health Service Student Portal site to enter Online Student Health.   Review the Logon Procedure if you need assistance.CLICK HERE to view snapshot of Online Student Health Home Page.

  3. From the Online Student Health Home Page, locate the Immunization link and click on it.

  5. You will see the following 2 selections:
    • Enter Dates        –    Enter or modify your Immunization data.
    • View History       –    See your Immunization status
  6. Click on the Enter Dates link. Enter your immunization information in the appropriate sections.

  8. After entering any immunization information, you must click on a Submit button in order for it to be processed. CLICK HERE to view snapshot of a section from the Immunization page.