Health Education & Promotion

Health Education and Promotion

SHS participates in various programs to increase awareness including promotion of National LGBTQIA Health Awareness Week — “Come Out for Health.” We collaborate with the Rainbow Alliance, the University’s undergraduate student group, in the HEALTHY U Fair. In commemoration with World AIDS Day, SHS held our first all-day HIV testing symposium at the William Pitt Union., and is a participant in the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force.

The Office of Health Education and Promotion provides a variety of programs, services and educational materials to enhance personal and community health and wellbeing.

Our Health Education Office includes:

  • a Drug and Alcohol Counselor, who can assist students in substance use reduction and cessation.
  • a QUIT program for students who are interested in smoking cessation.
  • a Registered Dietitian, who can advise students wishing to alter their weight or assess their nutritional status.

Following are a few of the many resources available for women who partner with women:
(Information about STD’s, as they pertain to lesbian women)

Following are a few of the many resources available for men who partner with men and bisexual men: