Allergy Injections

Allergy Injections

For the convenience of our students, the Student Health Service (SHS) will administer allergy injections for students who are under the care of an allergist and require weekly or monthly allergy injections.   We do not, however, initiate treatment.

As part of our Immunization Services, allergy injections will be administered, according to a pre-determined schedule, to our patients five days a week, for a nominal fee.     Arrangements will need to be made with the SHS for transporting your allergy serum to Student Health Service where it will be securely stored and monitored.

To ensure the safe administration of prescribed antigens, please note the following:

  • A patient’s first allergy shot MUST be administered by the prescribing allergist.
  • Print out both the physician instruction letter and allergy injection schedule for your home allergist to complete.   Fax or mail completed forms to Student Health Service (SHS) (Fax: 412-383-1846)
  • Call SHS (412-383-1800) to arrange for transport of your allergy serum.   All allergy serums must be hand delivered by the patient/parent/guardian or overnight shipped via UPS or Fed Ex.   Absolutely no allergy serums will be accepted via the US postal service.

At the beginning of the semester………

  • Call SHS (412-383-1800) to schedule all required allergy injections, per schedule determined by your allergist.   You will be given instructions for missed/late injections, local or systemic reactions, etc.
  • You must agree to and sign Student Health Service Allergy Agreement prior to any injections being administered.
  • Your first appointment will be an allergy consult; your actual injection will be scheduled at your 2nd appointment; allow for at minimum, 40 minutes/visit.   Please note, allergy shot appointments require at least a twenty-minute wait following the administration of the allergy shot(s).   A member of the nursing staff will check for reactions after the required waiting time.   Any student who leaves before the 20-minute wait ends and before he/she is verbally discharged by our nurse, will be dropped from the program.
  • Routine allergy injections are administered Monday – Friday, 9am -4:30pm.   Injections will be administered by a member of the nursing staff only when a physician is present in the clinic.

Be sure to schedule “nurse office appointments” at the beginning of each semester, according to your allergy shot schedule (for example, weekly, biweekly, or monthly).   Please note, allergy shot appointments require at least a twenty-minute wait following the administration of the allergy shot(s).

Required Forms for Allergy Injections

If you require allergy injections, you can make arrangements with our clinic.   However, to ensure safe and timely administration of allergy immunotherapy, an “Allergy Injection Schedule” form must be completed by your clinician and sent to us before arrangements can be made. Should you have questions, do not hesitate to call us at (412) 383-1800.


Please print out the following forms and submit them to the physician who is managing your allergy: