Student Health Advisory Board


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Founded in 2011, the STUDENT HEALTH ADVISORY BOARD (SHAB) serves as a liaison between the campus community and the Student Health Service. It is an organization of full-time undergraduate students from various academic backgrounds, providing a student voice to the administration and staff of the Student Health Service (SHS).

SHAB’s primary goal is to promote the health and wellness of the Pitt campus community through on-campus public health initiatives. Working collaboratively with the administration of the SHS, SHAB will give input on various projects provided by SHS, publish a monthly newsletter on relevant health topics, and actively plan health-related events on campus.

Projects include but are not limited to:

  • Producing the Student Health Portal, our own newsletter about Health on Pitt’s Campus
  • Promote the SHS annual seasonal flu vaccine service
  • Advance Tobacco-Free Campus initiatives
  • Promote awareness regarding alcohol and drug abuse
  • Promote HPV vaccines

SHAB membership is open to all full-time Pitt students who have an interest in advocating for the health and wellness of their peers.   Members of SHAB routinely meet each month during the academic year.   If you are interested on applying to be apart of SHAB please check our social media pages for links to the application materials.   If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via email:

Keep yourself updated with SHAB’s monthly newsletter by texting SHAB to 345345.

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Twitter:       @PittSHAB
Instagram:  @pittshab
Executive Board members:
President:    Christopher DeHaven
Vice-President:    Rebecca Oberschmidt
Secretary:    Charis Williams
Business manager:    Gina Boito