Collegiate Recovery Program

The Collegiate Recovery Program at Pitt

If you are in recovery and looking for a supportive community, sober social events and a network of like-minded people who choose to live a substance-free life, please join us and learn more at the newly created, Collegiate Recovery Program at Pitt.   Colleges and universities have a social culture that quite frankly pose a significant challenge for any student in recovery.   The parties, availability of alcohol, academic demands, freedom from parental oversight, financial stress….. all of these factors can trigger a relapse.

However, there is a program with a proven track record of success where students in recovery can receive assistance and support they need to achieve academic success and personal goals while in college.   A Collegiate Recovery Programs (CRP) provides a nurturing and affirming environment for students in active recovery by providing a substance-free environment and culture.   It creates sense of community by providing individual, academic, social, and recovery support for students in recovery.   The CRP at Pitt is open to any student in recovery and those who choose to live a sober lifestyle.

Please join us!!

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Member of ARHE   (Association of Recovery in Higher Education)