Wellness Center:    Counseling

Seeking emotional support in the aftermath of sexual violence is important for recovery.   Pitt’s SHARE program offers counseling services designed to assist students who have experienced:

  • sexual assault,
  • dating violence,
  • domestic violence,
  • harassment and,
  • stalking.

Students may request completely confidential counseling by calling the counseling center at 412-648-7930 (8:30 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday) to request an appointment.   After hours, (after 5 PM or on weekends) students may call the on-call service at 412-648-7856 to speak with a professional counselor.   The SHARE Office is located in the Wellness Center on the second floor of Nordenberg Hall, 119 University Place.

Wellness Center:    Student Health

Pitt’s Student Health Service provides ongoing confidential medical treatment for any physical problems related to an assault.   Student Health Service can assess for:

  • pregnancy risk,
  • test and treat for sexually transmitted diseases and,
  • assess, treat, and/or offer/give referrals for physical injuries.

(Forensic medical exams are unavailable at student health.   These exams can be obtained in Emergency Departments at Magee Women’s Hospital or UPMC Mercy.)

Medical doctors at Student Health routinely assess for signs of Interpersonal Dating Violence and can provide medical support and referrals for emotional support.   Student Health Service is located in the Wellness Center on the second floor of Nordenberg Hall , 119 University Place, 412-383-1800.

Title IX

Title IX protects all members of the University community:   students, staff and faculty from sexual or gender based misconduct, including discrimination, harassment, and assault.

If you are dealing with sexual harassment or misconduct, here’s how we can help:

  • Resources: If you need information on counseling, health, or related services, our staff can provide warm referrals to both on- and off-campus providers.
  • Interim Measures: If you need a change in your housing assignment, a No-Contact Order with another Pitt affiliate, or other accommodations related to your Title IX concern, we an assist with those processes.
  • Reporting: If you want to file a formal complaint with the University or the Pitt Police, our office can walk you through the options available and provide contacts with appropriate offices.

In addition to these services, the Title IX Office provides training and education on consent, sexual harassment and sexual assault prevention, and reporting responsibilities, along with a variety of specialized trainings.

Pitt Police

Several options are available for you to pursue if you want to report sexual violence:

Community resources listed here.