Basic Needs Dialogue

PITT Speaks about Basic Needs


On October 8nd, 2018, Point Park University will host the second annual Collegiate Basic Needs Dialogue to discuss basic needs on campus. Students, staff, and members of the community working in areas concerned with collegiate food and housing security, mental and emotional health, safety, accessibility, and financial wellness and security will gather in hopes to provide college campuses with resources that ensure their students have their basic needs met. 


Basic Needs Security: 

Image result for basic needs clipartFood, housing, and wellness security are all essential in ensuring that our students are mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy as well as successful in their studies. A lacking in any of these categories can impact the student’s health, sense of belonging, academic performance, and overall experience of college and graduation. Because PITT wants nothing more for its students than wellness, happiness, and success, we are dedicated to becoming a college campus that can help all students become secure in all of their basic needs.



Image result for student panel clipartIn last year’s conference, the workshops included student panels and action clusters, each focused on specific aspects of basic needs security including Collegiate Food Pantries, Food Insecurity and Food Rescue/Recovery on Campus, Collegiate Housing Insecurity, Attacking Financial Wellness, and Mental and Emotional Health (Physical Health).  The student panels discussed each of the topics and the various effects that they have had thus far on both the students individually and on the campus. The students then gathered in the action clusters specific to the workshop they attended in order to discuss solutions for basic need insecurities on campus. The hope was to have students, staff, and members of the community leave the dialogue prepared to confront the various problems caused by basic need insecurities on their campus and in their community.


“When it comes to collegiate insecurity, supporting our students’ needs begins with having an open and frank discussion of the issue- its causes, who is affected, and which resources and ideas we can share to help alleviate it. For those in attendance, the Dialogue provided both a platform for such discussion and a jumping off point for actualizing the changes we need.”

-Ciara Stehley

The Next Step:

Related imageThank you to all who took the time to come out and discuss our basic needs and recognized the importance of learning and sharing how to make our campus and community one that is secure in all of our basic needs. We hope that this dialogue allowed you to acquire the skills and information you needed, and prepared you for taking the next step in addressing basic need insecurities on your campus and in your community!

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We would also like to thank those who sponsored this event and helped us move towards our goal of becoming a campus and community that is both aware of collegiate basic needs and striving to ensure that all of our students are secure in every way possible.



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