SCEC Application


Program Goals

The Student Civic Engagement Council (SCEC) program is designed not only to influence the service and social justice engagement of students but also of neighborhoods and the campus community. The goals of the SCEC are encompassed into 3 main focus areas.

  1. Student Development
    1. Provide students with leadership training, including professional development while building upon their talents and skills to impact their campus community to increase student service engagement
    2. Foster a sense of transformation community service
  2. Campus Commitment
    1. To challenge and encourage the University to promote a culture of service where every student, faculty and staff is encouraged to be an active volunteer and engaged citizen.
    2. Support the commitment of the Community Engagement Centers
    3. To be an advocate of social justice issues that affect students and diverse neighborhoods and communities utilizing university resources.
  3. Community Engagement
    1. To support and work with communities and neighborhoods in the Pittsburgh region to break down barriers of equity and inclusion through meaningful service and civic engagement.
    2. To improve the quality and efficiency of service provided to communities and neighborhoods by university students, staff and faculty.


Program Approach

Eight members of the SCEC will embark on a 1-year commitment where they can strive to achieve the program goals as mentioned above.  The approach to achieve these goals will be structured into 3 programmatic approaches.

  1. Neighborhood Match– 2 members of the SCEC will strategically match to various neighborhoods in the Pittsburgh area that is a focus area for the university. During their 1 year commitment, these SCEC members will develop relationships with key community stakeholders (nonprofits, community groups), working together to leverage community and campus resources to develop and improve community needs.
  2. University Match– Each SCEC member will be matched with a university department partner, in order to promote student volunteerism.
  1. Mentorship– Every SCEC member will be matched with a University/community member that champions community engagement. For this commitment they will be meet at least once a semester to discuss key the members’ development of key service leadership attributes that can contribute to a successful community outcome. Additionally, each member will act as mentors to members of the Service Leadership Committee (SLC), thus creating a mentor pipeline that ultimately contributes to service leadership development for the Pitt community.

Member Requirements:

To be an eligible member of the Student Civic Engagement Council (SCEC), each student must have met the following requirements before applying for membership.

  1. At least 2.5 semester GPA (must provide copy of unofficial transcript)
  2. 2 Letter of recommendation (university service or community engagement official that has knowledge of your service experience and/or student group leader)
  3. Must be available for July – August 2019  training.
  4. Completed application submitted before the deadline

Application Process and Timeline

To apply for the SCEC the completed application and supporting documentation must be received no later than 11:59pm April 5, 2019. Applications and supporting materials must be submitted online, please click here to apply.




Applications available February 24 –March 23
Interviews March 25-April 5
Decision Announcement April
Training Summer 2019 ( Dates TBA)


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