SCEC Service Grant

SCEC Student Organization Service Grant

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Information and Guidelines


The PittServes Grant is designed to support University of Pittsburgh student organizations in their efforts to assist the greater Pittsburgh community.


The grant approval process will be student driven and will ideally enhance the quality, quantity, and variety of civic engagement opportunities provided by the University of Pittsburgh.



Awards will be available for either the cost of transportation to support service at a community partner organization or up to $250 in supplies for projects planned and implemented from September 1, 2019 to December 16, 2019. The PittServes application review committee will provide a recommendation to the Director of PittServes or her designee on whether or not a grant should be fully approved, partially approved or denied based on the following eligibility requirements.



To be eligible for a grant, the project proposal:

  1. Must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the date of planned project.
  2. Must support expenses directly related to the mission of PittServes.
  3. Must be authored by a University of Pittsburgh certified student organization in good standing.
  4. Must have the approval/sponsorship of the organization’s faculty/staff advisor.
  5. Must have the endorsement of the non-profit where finished projects are donated.
  6. Student Organizations must have members submit their hours in the PittServes Portal.
  7. All hours generated at the event will be captured via sign-in sheet and will be submitted electronically to the Office of PittServes with the final report.
  8. Attach a budget to your submission that includes where you are buying the materials from and how much you’re spending on each item.
  9. Projects will need to be completed by December 16, 2019 with a priority given to organizations who apply for transportation grants. No grants will be awarded for projects scheduled on PittServes’ Signature Days of Service.



Funds may be used to buy materials and supplies that cannot be provided by the SCEC (i.e. scissors, markers, etc.) and can be used for transportation to/from a nonprofit to provide direct service. Please check with SCEC  to determine if the supplies you need are in stock. If the grant is to be used for the rental of a bus, the student organization must have 40-44 students attend the project and will need to provide a sign-up sheet 5 days prior to the project date. Additionally, the Office of PittServes will coordinate the bus rental. If the grant is to be used for the rental of a University van, student organizations should follow the rental process through the SORC.


Funds granted cannot be used for:

  • Food
  • Salaries, honoraria, or compensation to the student(s), staff/faculty or volunteers working on the service project
  • Donations of any kind
  • Cash awards, purchasing gift cards
  • Expenditure not in compliance with University policy

FINAL REPORT REQUIRED : Each grant recipient is required to complete the final report form describing the results and benefits of the grant. Final reports are due one week following the end date of the project. The final report form will be emailed to the contact person listed on the application. Signatures of the student who applied for the grant and the student organization’s advisor are required on the final report form.


All applications, reports, and inquiries should be directed to:
Office of PittServes
923 William Pitt Union
3959 Fifth Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15260



  • All applications will be reviewed by the Student Civic Engagement Council, and the SCEC Advisor
  • All committee decisions are final
  • The amount of the grant requested may be reduced by the review committee



After your proposal has been approved, the Office of PittServes will inform the SORC Business Office within three days of decision so your award can be credited to the designated student organization account via the SORC Business Office.



1. Proposals currently submitted will not be reviewed until beginning of January
2. Signatures of the student who applied for the grant and the student organization’s advisor are required on the application form
3. Applicant should include details about the marketing and outreach plan that will be used to recruit volunteers on the application form.
4. Applications can be submitted electronically, however, a hard copy of the signed application must be turned into the point of contact in order to have funds dispersed to your student organization’s SORC account
5. Submission of an application does not guarantee funding
6. Grants will be made only to Pitt student organizations, not directly to the community organization that the student organization is collaborating with for the project.
7. If a student organization does not submit a final report or uses grant funds inappropriately, it rescinds its opportunity to apply for future service grants, will be required to reimburse the Office of PittServes, and may face disciplinary action.
Grant requests are closed for the semester. They will reopen for the fall semester.