Do-it-Yourself Service


The Office of PittServes is dedicated to finding new options and resources for students to fulfill their service passions. If you’re looking for something to fulfill service requirements with you student organization, want to blow off some steam or bond with your friends in a new way, you may want to check out our DIY Service Boxes!


After reserving a box, you’ll be able to pick it up from the PittServes office and you’ll have everything you need to complete a project and feel great in no-time!


The Office of PittServes and Student Civic Engagement Council (SCEC) is also fortunate enough to offer mini-grants for student groups looking to create their own service project or head out to one of our community partners with our service and transportation grants. Please note that each grant awarded is contingent on fulfilling grant requirements and completing a grant report.


Click HERE to apply for an SCEC Service Grant.

Click HERE to reserve a DIY Service Box.


If you have any questions about our DIY Service Boxes and our SCEC mini-grants, please contact the Student Civic Engagement Council at