Arts Ambassadors

Arts Ambassadors



PITT ARTS  features 115 Arts Encounters annually and these are outings for 30-50 undergraduate students that include free tickets, transportation, a meal, and a chance to meet the starts of the art world, and other educational experiences, such as hands- on workshops, backstage tours and more.


The lion’s share of these programs are managed the evening or weekend day of the program by PITT ARTS undergraduate hosts. These hosts, or Arts Ambassadors are extensively trained in leadership.  This includes the beginning of the year host training session, providing the Hosting Handbook, and the training at this session is shared by the advanced undergraduate hosts and PITT ARTS staff.  There are five additional necessary training experiences for PITT ARTS hosts.


PITT ARTS hosts are responsible to scan all students for OCC credit, sign in students, distribute tickets to students, get students on the bus, the the restaurant and to the hall for the concert, play, or other arts destination, interact with arts  organizations’ staff and make sure that students make it back via bus to Pitt’s campus at the end of the Arts Encounter program.


Every year PITT ARTS hosts write a Leadership Reflection Statement and meet with the PITT ARTS director to discuss it, talk about the year and how to improve their leadership in the next year. Every semester each undergraduate student host leads at least six Arts Encounters totaling more than 15 hours of leading their peers.  In addition, PITT ARTS Hosts handle Admissions events, and speak for PITT ARTS in highly sophisticated ways.


This advanced leadership program delivers some of the most talented leaders on Pitt’s campus, and many are also RA’s, in the Blue and Gold Society, and are Pitt Pathfinders.


If any Pitt undergraduate student would like to be considered for a PITT ARTS Host position, please visit Diane Cromo in the PITT ARTS office at 907 William Pitt Union.


PITT ARTS Student Advisory Board


The PITT ARTS Student Arts Association (PASA) consists of Pitt undergraduate students who assist PITT ARTS with ideas and follow-through with our present needs and as we develop the future of PITT ARTS. Students on PASA have already established themselves as leaders and have a passion for arts and culture. Initiatives include marketing, fundraising, and new programming concepts for PITT ARTS.


They meet each week, and have elected the following officers for 2017-2018:  President Ryan Marsden, Vice President Julie Kenneson, and Treasurer Gilbert Arko


Current members of the 2017 PITT ARTS Student Association include Leah Bailey, Noah Coco, Jared Gustafson, Brian Hoffman, Ariana Starkman, Kanya Dayananth, Zachary Luettgen and more!


Annabelle Clippinger is the Advisor to the PITT ARTS Student Advisory Board.


If any undergraduate student would like to join this dynamic PITT ARTS  Student Advisory Board, please send an email with a one paragraph statement of interest to Ryan Marsden at with “Arts Advisory Board” in the subject line.