First Year Parent Success Series

The First Year Parent Success Series is a newer initiative to help first-year parents and family members understand what their student may be going through during the first year of college, along with the different Pitt support services available to the student.

Though many of the topics can be found on the Pitt website, this series will delve deeper into situations like communicating with your student while they are away, helping them to understand skills they need to build to become successful after college, and ways to support them throughout their entire college. To enrich the series, there will be chapter readings from a great resource, How To Raise An Adult: Break Free From The Overparenting Trap And Prepare Your Kid For Success, each month to help guide the discussion. The group will meet online every second Tuesday of the semester at 7 p.m. for about an hour to discuss and offer suggestions.

Along with a copy of the book each registrant will receive a “Proud Pitt Parent” t-shirt! Cost of this series is $20 per person.


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