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Student Academic Services

What Are The Different Schools/Colleges At Pitt?

Though there are many different schools and colleges within the Pitt system, the four that house undergraduate students are:

Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences

College of Business Administration

School of Engineering

School of Nursing

School of Computing and Information

How Does My Student Know When To Register For Classes?

Each student is assigned an advisor within their School/College. Depending on the major, this could be a professional staff member or faculty member. Students are given an enrollment appointment for the upcoming semester, which can be found in the Self Service- Student Center portion of their At this time, a student can add and/or drop courses up until the final day of Add/Drop. Students should consult with their advisor on registering for classes to ensure they stay on track in terms of graduation.

How Can My Student See Their Class Schedule?

Students can view their class schedule any time by logging into, clicking on Student Center Login, navigating to Self Service > Student Center, and then clicking on My Class Schedule under Academics on the left side of the page.

My Student Has A Hold On Their Account. What Does This Mean?

Holds/Service indicators can be placed by a variety of University offices. If they have a restriction, they will be referred to the appropriate office to resolve the matter before they can enroll or transact any University business. Types of restrictions include academic, missing data, disciplinary, high school transcript, advising, immunization, and financial.

What Is A Student System ID Number?

All students are assigned a seven digit Student System ID Number when they are admitted to the University. Some instructors may require you to include this number on your exams. You can find your Student System ID Number by logging into Click on Student Center Login > Self Service > Student Center > Demographic Data link under the heading of Personal Information near the bottom of the screen.

Can I As A Parent Or Family Member Access My Students Grades?

No, because of the Federal Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), we are prohibited to share any academic records with anyone except to the student. A student may waive this right to a parent or family member, however this will only give you access to their full transcript. You would only be able to come to campus, visit the Registrar Office with photo ID, and request a copy of the student's transcript. The waiver can be found here.

Where Can I Find An Academic Calendar?

The Registrar's Office handles all academic records for the University, including the University Academic Calendar.

My Student Is Struggling With Certain Classes. What Tutoring Services Are Available?

Many Schools and Colleges have specific tutoring services for their students, so it is best to have your student check with their advisor on what services are available. Below is a list of some services available:

Undergraduate Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences Students: The Academic Resource Center

All Undergraduate Students who are first-generation students or come from low-income families: TRIO Student Support Services

All Undergraduate Students: Math Assistance Center

All Students: The Writing Center 

Are There Mentoring Organizations Available?

Mentoring organizations are different than tutoring in that they match students up with other students to help with academic and personal goal setting.

RISE, the University's mentoring organization, was created because we want students to do more than just “attend” Pitt. We want them to connect to the University of Pittsburgh and their fellow students and build the skills necessary to finish their degree and become a successful professional.

My Student Has A Documented Disability And Needs Resources. Where Can They Go?

Disability Resources and Services (DRS) is the designated department by the University to determine reasonable accommodations and services. At the University of Pittsburgh, we are committed to providing equal opportunities in higher education to academically qualified students with disabilities.

Does Pitt Have An Honors College, And What Are The Benefits Of Being In It?

Yes, though it is very competitive to be admitted into the Pitt Honors College. The benefits of being in it are priority for our unique courses, fellowships and awards, personal mentoring to help you find the best opportunities, a fun community with regular events and chances to explore the city, flexible ways to earn formal recognition for your Honors achievements, and guaranteed placement in the Honors housing community.

My Student Is Unsure That They Are In The Right Major. Who Should They Speak to?

Forst and foremost, if your student is ever struggling academically they should meet with their advisor. This also applies to struggles with their major as a whole. Our academic advisors are trained to understand what obstacles students face, and can recommend strategies and services to help them through their frustrations. Sometimes another major is within the School/College that they are already in. Students can also go to the Career Center to take a Strong Interest Inventory which will explain the student's strengths and areas of interest, and show Pitt majors that are congogruent with those areas.

What Majors And Minors Are Offered At Pitt?

We have numerous majors and minors offered at Pitt, along with certificate programs consisting of 18-24 credits. A full list can be found here.

What If My Student Is Interested In Something Like Teacher Education, Health And Rehabilitation Sciences, Pharmacy, Or Social Work?

Students interested in the areas begin their University studies in the Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences taking prerequisite courses. Transfer is typically at the junior year level. Exception: traditional age freshmen apply at the sophomore level for College of General Studies (CGS) majors. Non-traditional freshmen (out of high school for two or more years) and transfers may apply for direct admission to CGS.