Your stories, experiences, and many identities all matter! As we celebrate our office being one of the recipients of the Racial Equity and Interfaith Cooperation award from the Interfaith Youth Core under the We Are Each Other’s Campaign, we encourage you to open your mind, read, ponder, reflect, and connect with the experiences of your neighbors. They may be similar to yours or very different, either way they reside at an intersection all of us have to cross: faith/worldview/religion and race/ethnicity/culture.

We will be releasing stories day by day, beginning from Martin Luther King Jr. day throughout Black History Month in February, so make sure to check out our website and social media pages (@interfaithpitt on Instagram and interfaithpitt on Facebook) to stay up to date with any new stories!

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Cheryl Moore
Jewish | PA | White
“On October 27, 2018, five blocks from my home, as they gathered to worship and celebrate the Sabbath, 11 of my friends and neighbors were brutally murdered. As the ranting killer ran through the Tree of Life Synagogue, police radios picked up his shouting that “all Jews must die!................. - Continue reading by clicking the social media icons below (Instagram Part 1, Part 2, Facebook Full story!)
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Muslim | PA | Pakistan American
“In Islam, members of the LGBTQIA+ community are often ostracized due to fundamental differences. There was a personal moment in my life that set me on a journey of social justice and advocacy. My cousin came out as gay and told a group of us cousins, including me, about his sexual orientation. Shortly after, he was alienated by everyone and all of my cousins turned their back on him. That moment broke my heart.............. Continue reading by clicking the social media icons below (Facebook Full story, Instagram Full Story)
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Toks Oriola
Non-traditional Christian | DMV | African American
“There are no guarantees. In anything. At anytime. While that statement may come off as depressing, pessimistic, or perhaps biased, I find it spiritually liberating, freeing and honest. I consider myself to be a person of faith... and if asked which religion I subscribe to, I’d naturally say “Yes, I’m a Christian.................. Continue reading by clicking the social media icons below (Facebook Full story, Instagram Part 1, Part 2)
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