As a college student, 80% of your time will be spent outside of the classroom. The OCC provides structure and purpose to your free time, allowing you to maximize your Pitt experience and position yourself for future success.








When our students graduate, they will face stiff competition from their peers as they seek job opportunities and admission to graduate/professional schools. Increasingly, students are finding that it takes more than just academic success to truly set themselves apart.


Completing the OCC is a clear indication to employers and graduate schools that you have taken the time and initiative to invest in your holistic development and personal growth. Not only will you have gained hands-on experience in the areas deemed most important by employers, but you will also have sharpened the skills needed to effectively articulate such experiences to a range of audiences.


Certainly, the OCC will shape you into a more attractive candidate for future, post-college opportunities. More important, however, the OCC will help you realize the best version of yourself. Get started today!