How to Complete the OCC


How do I find my OCC profile?

From the Pitt mobile app:  Under Student Engagement, you will see a tile for Suitable and Outside the Classroom Curriculum.  If you click on Suitable, you will be redirected from Pitt mobile to your OCC profile.  You can also access your profile by clicking on Outside the Classroom Curriculum and tapping My OCC Profile at the top.  Make sure to add these tiles to your Favorites to access them easily in the future!


pitt mobile log in


From the myPitt desktop site:  Use the search bar to search for OCC or Suitable and click on the tile with the OCC logo.  You will be redirected from myPitt to your OCC profile.  Make sure to favorite this tile by clicking the heart so it is easy to find in the future!


occ log in


Trouble logging in?  Email or


How do I start earning OCC credit?

The OCC is made up of 10 goal areas.  You must earn at least 150 points in each goal area to complete the OCC and apply for the OCC Honor Society.  To view activities, programs and events for each goal area and start earning points, log in to your OCC profile and follow the tips below!


Here are a couple tips to get started:

  1. Click on Activities in your Suitable profile to see what’s coming up for OCC credit.  You can attend an event and scan a QR code to earn credit!
  2. You can also self-report an experience according to the activity’s description.  Sometimes we will ask for a short reflection and sometimes you will need to upload a document (ex. your reviewed resume) to receive OCC credit.
  3. Click on Achievements in your Suitable profile to see your progress to completion.


What is the Career Ready Guide and how do I access it?

The Career Ready Guide© is an interactive, online course inspired by the 8 NACE career readiness competencies that students can complete in about 4 hours.  Developed by a team of leading career development professionals, Career Ready Guide© empowers learners to understand, assess, develop, and articulate the universal “soft skills” valued by employers.


To access the Guide, students should log in to their OCC profile and search “Career Ready Guide” under Activities.  Instructions on how to log in to the Guide will be in the description.  You will earn 50 points under Career Preparation if you complete the Guide in full.


What should I do after I’ve earned 150 points in each goal area, therefore completing the OCC?

Once you have earned 150 points in each goal area, you should submit your OCC Honor Society application, found under the Initiative and Drive goal area.  Once our office receives your application, we will reach out to you about attending a New Members Orientation.

What does it mean to be an OCC Honor Society member?

To learn more about the OCC Honor Society and the exclusive benefits you receive, click HERE.