How to post events for OCC Credit

How to post events for OCC Credit

The OCC is only as successful as the programs, activities, and events that are planned and executed by student organizations, University departments and academic units. Any of these event organizers play a vital role in the OCC by creating events that are intended to provide students with opportunities to learn skills or be part of experiences that they may not be able to encounter within the classroom.

**Please note that events approved for OCC co-curricular credit do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of the University.


Step 1 – Plan event with the OCC in mind

The first step toward hosting an event that would be included in the OCC is to create qualifying events. To do this, please review the Outside the Classroom Curriculum FOUND HERE to determine which curriculum goal is met by your event. Only one requirement under one goal may be met by a single event.


Step 2 – Submit event for OCC credit

Any undergraduate student at the University of Pittsburgh can add an event to the OCC for credit! Follow the steps below to receive a QR code for students who attend your event to scan:

  • Log in to Suitable with your Pitt email and password
  • Click on the ACTIVITIES tab on the left hand side of the screen.
  • Click the blue ADD AN ACTIVITY button on the top of the page.
  • Follow the steps to add your event to the system.
  • Once your event is approved, you will receive an email with the QR code that students can scan at your event to receive OCC credit.  Be sure to check your

Step 4 – Promote your event.

This event will now be visible to students who log in to the OCC, and will also appear as a fulfillment item for the specific goal that you selected.

To request additional promotion via OCC newsletters or social media accounts, email
Once your event is approved for credit, you are strongly encouraged to add OCC logos to your marketing materials.


Step 5 – Record attendance

To make sure students who attend events receive OCC co-curricular credit, attendance must be recorded at the event. There are a few ways to track this:
1. Print the unique event QR code and make sure students scan using the Suitable mobile app at the event.
2. Students also have the option to self-report by logging in to the OCC through the Pitt Portal or using their Suitable mobile app.
3. After your event is over, you may email for an event report containing every student that scanned the QR code.

If you cannot guarantee that attendance will be collected at the event, instruct students to self-report their experience.