OCC Mini-Grants

OCC Mini-Grants for Student Organizations

The OCC Mini-Grant Program is a funding source designed to support events and programs hosted by student organizations at the University of Pittsburgh.


The event must meet the learning outcomes of one of the following OCC goal areas: Career Preparation, Global and Cultural Awareness, Communication Skills, Leadership Development, Appreciation of the Arts, Sense of Self, Service to Others, Wellness or Initiative and Drive (Pitt Pride excluded).


During the fall semester and throughout the pandemic, all student organizations will play an important role in maintaining a safe campus environment.  In many cases, student organization activities and events will need to be modified to ensure the safety of our students and community members.  As our campus adjusts to these changes, the SORC has put together resources for your organization in order to help in planning events and activities for this fall.  For up-to-date information and more details concerning Pitt’s COVID-19 guidelines, please visit www.coronavirus.pitt.edu.

You can also visit the SORC Event Planning Resources page to learn more about hosting events while following COVID-19 guidelines.


To be considered, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Your organization must be registered with SORC.
  2. Your event must be open to all Pitt undergraduate students (i.e. no private events for your organization’s members only).
  3. Your event must qualify for a requirement under one of the goal areas listed above (Pitt Pride excluded).
  4. Your event must be easily accessible to all Pitt undergraduate students.
  5. Your organization is only eligible to apply for an OCC mini-grant once per academic year.


Grant Amount and Reimbursement

If you are approved for an OCC mini-grant, you will be reimbursed for your event expenses up to $500.00.  To receive your reimbursement, you must email your event receipts to AML143@pitt.edu.


NEW! Beginning January 1, 2020, Mini-Grant funds WILL NOT be deposited into your SORC account until AFTER your event when receipts have been received by the OCC office.


All OCC Mini-Grant applications during the academic year will be accepted as rolling admissions.  Applications must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the scheduled date of the event to be considered.


The OCC will be accepting Mini-Grant applications throughout the semester until the funding source has been depleted.  A one-week processing period will be in effect from the time the application is received to approval for the grant.


Please contact SORC in advance of making purchases for your event to ensure you are following appropriate guidelines. You can visit the SORC office in 833 WPU or call (412) 624-7115.