Students at Beach Bash

Plan the Best Summer for You

With finals just around the corner, we are just two weeks shy of summer vacation.  If you’re anything like me and have been consumed by end-of-semester work, you probably haven’t had much time to make summer plans. But don’t worry – here are some suggestions to spice up your summer and make the most of your time before graduating or returning to school next fall.
1. If you’re sticking around the Pittsburgh area, stop by the water lantern festival on Saturday, August 17 from 5 – 10 pm. Check out some games and activities, watch the sunset, and of course, release some beautiful lanterns on the water to end the night. Tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite for $40.
2. Take a trip somewhere! Take advantage of our early summer break to travel somewhere in May. Enjoy the perfect weather, avoid travel crowds, and take a month off before starting a summer internship or job. And if you’re on a budget, consider taking a day trip somewhere and visit somewhere you’ve never been in America or the Pittsburgh region before. Bus tickets from Pittsburgh to DC start at just $20 and the earlier you book, the better the price!
3. Get a summer job or internship. It’s not too late to apply for internship positions. If you’re looking for work experience or exploring career interests, check out some local businesses and ask if they have open positions for the summer. You can also check out Handshake to look for open positions in your area. Or you could also pick up a part-time summer job. It’s never a bad idea to earn some money and save up to do something fun later.
4. Start a new project. We’ve all been there. Maybe you wanted to start a blog or learn how to bake but always put it off because you just didn’t have the time. Well now’s your chance! Stop making excuses and just go for it. If there was ever a time to try something new and take a risk it’s now. Summer is all about taking time for yourself, so make sure you use that time wisely.
5. Go to a concert or music festival. Some popular music festivals happening this summer are Lollapalooza in Chicago from August 1-4, Governors Ball in NYC from May 31 to June 2, and Outside Lands in San Francisco from August 9-11. You can check out some more music festivals happening this summer here.
6. Relax. Yes, actually relax. Before you know it, it’s going to be time to start school again and you’re going to be wishing it was still summer break. Our generation is most at risk for experiencing burnout so it’s important to take the time now to learn how to relax. Even if you can just take a week or a day off, I highly encourage you to spend some time this summer doing something you actually enjoy and not worrying about school or work. Whether that’s spending some time with your friends and family or traveling solo to a new country or even just catching up on your reading list, do something you enjoy! The work will always be there when you get back, but the time to make memories won’t. Don’t finish your summer break with regrets!
Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive. There are a million other amazing things you can do – volunteer with PittServes, exercise with Campus Recreation, take advantage of cheap seats through PITT ARTS– just do what feels right to you! Summer is your time to do whatever you want without worrying about school or work for a couple months. Even if you are taking summer classes or working a summer job, don’t forget to take a break and take some time for yourself. Trust me, it’s worth it. Power through these last few weeks because we’re almost there. Good luck on finals everybody!
By: Mehaa Shah