Health Services

Health Services

Student Health Service (SHS) is a primary care facility that has been nationally recognized as one of the top collegiate health care facilities in the nation. SHS features a health care clinic and pharmacy staffed by medical doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, a pharmacist, and other health care professionals. Each student pays a student health fee each semester that gives them access to SHS, which also provides a comprehensive array of educational programs and preventative medicine, including women’s health services.
SHS is located in Nordenberg Hall, 111 University Place.
Student Health Service is committed to providing quality health care services in a comfortable, and friendly environment for all our students, especially those in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Awareness and Understanding Programs at SHS

Allies Network Training

Student Health Service believes it is important that staff have a clear understanding of the challenges that confront Pitt students in the LGBTQIA+ community and how to best accommodate their needs. The Allies Network training program is an important tool in our effort to provide an open and inclusive environment. To date, 82 percent of Student Health Service staff has completed this program.

Student Health Service Web site

We have updated our Web site to provide more detailed explanations of the various services we offer. We also provide a comprehensive listing of references and other resources on and off campus that are available to students in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Promotions and Testing

SHS participates in various programs to increase awareness including promotion of National LGBTQIA+ Health Awareness Week — “Come Out for Health.” We collaborate with the Rainbow Alliance, the University’s undergraduate student group, in the HEALTHY U Fair. In commemoration with World AIDS Day, SHS held our first all-day HIV testing symposium at the William Pitt Union., and is a participant in the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force. (confirm this)


SHS is located in the Wellness Center on the second floor of the Mark A. Nordenberg residence hall, along with the University Counseling Center. All restrooms in SHS are single-occupancy.

Improved Communications

SHS meets on a regular basis with the president of the Rainbow Alliance to discuss issues and collaborate on future programs. This exchange of ideas has had a positive impact on both organizations and fosters an environment that supports healthy living and a health education.

Specialty Clinical Services

Specialty Medical Care

SHS has three clinicians skilled in the specialty medical care of LGBTQIA+ individuals on staff.

Expanding Access to Care

SHS has been working to further publicize the services that it provides to the LGBTQIA+ community. As a result, we have experienced a 100 percent increase in LGBTQIA+ students seen by SHS in the past year.

Specialty Dietary Counseling Services

SHS provides specialty dietician services that focus on nutrition and body image, especially beneficial for transitioning transgender students.

Sidebar – Counseling Center

The University Counseling Center is the primary mental health service for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh. The center offers a variety of mental health services to students utilizing a short-term, time limited approach, including assessment, counseling and psychotherapy services, and psychiatric services.
In addition, the center provides crisis intervention, consultation, referral, and outreach services to students, as well as faculty and staff of the University of Pittsburgh. Specialized counseling, consultation, and outreach services are offered through the center’s Sexual Assault Services and Substance Abuse Services programs. A multidisciplinary staff of mental health professionals that includes psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, and advanced graduate trainees, in various mental health disciplines provide services in the Counseling Center.
The Counseling Center is committed to creating an affirmative environment in which all students feel welcomed. The staff is supportive and accepting of clients’ gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, culture, religion, and abilities. In addition to individual counseling, the Counseling Center offers counseling to couples. Most of the staff members have undergone training in the Allies Network program, and are supportive of and provide inclusive services for both mixed-sex and same-sex couples.
In addition, the Counseling Center provides a safe and confidential support group exclusive to LGBTQIA+Q students, where students can feel free to explore personal issues such as relationships, self-acceptance, dealing with homophobia, and more.
For more information about the University Counseling Center and the services it provides, contact the center to set up an appointment. You can do this by dialing 412-648-7930 or 4-7930 from a university phone.