Summit Schedule

Summit Schedule


The Hesselbein Student Leadership Summit provides the following opportunities:


  • Participation in interactive leadership workshops and trainings led by distinguished and experienced leaders in the fields of business, government, education, and not-for-profit,
  • Mentorship from leadership professionals,
  • Involvement in a group service project to address a global issue (In 2016, the Hesselbein Fellows prepared 10,000 meals for families in need with Rise Against Hunger),
  • Completion of a Civic Engagement project to apply consultation and leadership skills to solve an organizational problem of a local community group,
  • Dinner with local leaders from the Pittsburgh area,
  • Sightseeing tour of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,
  • Connection with passionate student leaders from all over the world,
  • Recognition at the Annual Hesselbein Lecture and Student Awards Ceremony.
  • Membership in the global network of Hesselbein Global Academy Alumni.


Sample Summit Schedule



– Fellows arrive in Pittsburgh, PA, USA

– Hesselbein Global Academy Welcome Event


– Leadership Sessions
– Gateway Clipper River Cruise and Mt. Washington Tour


– Leadership Sessions
– 10,000 Meals Service Project
– Dinner Dialogues (at various locations in Pittsburgh)


– Civic Engagement Projects (at various locations in Pittsburgh)
– Hesselbein Ceremony
– Summit Reception & Evening Social


– Leadership Sessions
– Summit Closing Session & Lunch
– Fellows Depart



Schedule Highlights from Past Summits:


Leading Across Generations

Leaders are increasingly grappling with generational issues in their organizations. Problems can arise from differing mindsets and communication styles of people born in different eras. Technology and the rapid pace of change can exacerbate this friction. This session will explore the hallmark characteristics of each generation in a professional environment and provide strategies for improving communication and performance. Participants will discuss how leaders can leverage the strengths of each generation to become more flexible and adaptive as well as create more effective and cohesive teams.


“Still I Rise” – Resilience

Life – your personal life and your professional life – will not always be smooth sailing.  There will be high and low moments, and from each high and low you must aim to move forward, get back up, try again, and recover.  At times choosing to “Rise” again may seem to draw on an intestinal fortitude that you are not sure you possess.  This talk consists of lessons learned in the processing bouncing back and moving forward.


Leading to Meet the Future

The session will focus on transformational leadership.  Participants will learn that leadership requires more than intellect and talent – it takes courage.  The session will highlight the characteristics of a courageous leader. In addition, participants will learn how to build courage in others.


Decisions! Decisions!: An Exercise in Group Consensus Decision Making

This workshop demonstrates the dilemma of keeping customers happy while not letting costs run out of control. Participants will practice consensus decision-making, balance profit against customer satisfaction, work as a team, including how to manage conflict, learn how to value each individual’s contribution, and reach consensus within a given time frame.


Leadership Presence: How Are You Communicating Yours?

Being perceived as leadership material is essential to being selected and promoted into leadership positions. Communication including listening, thinking and speaking on your feet; the ability to read an audience or situation, and appearance and positive body language, all contribute to a person’s perceived leadership presence. Explore the various communication competencies you can maximize to convey compelling verbal and non-verbal messages about your leadership presence in our global marketplace.


The Entrepreneurial and Innovative Spirit of a Leader

Did you ever wonder how some leaders seem to have a knack for creating and sustaining dynamic businesses, organizations, or programs? This workshop will explore the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of leaders who demonstrate the essential qualities for success in a changing world.


Creating the Culture of an Organization

Among an increasingly diverse and educated workforce, global leaders would do well to construct an organizational culture where people feel inspired to express themselves creatively and take ownership in the mission. How might one build an organization where others confidently take risks and make decisions.


Finding Your Passion to Serve: Leading Others in an Age of Me

A reflection and conversation on the rewards of service and civic engagement. How do you motivate yourself and others to step up and make a difference?


Leading with Purpose: Inspiring Integrity in Those You Lead

At a time when ethical leadership seems hard to come by, how might you break the trend to be someone who leads with integrity? How might you identify your core values, a moral framework, and strategies that will motivate others to do the same? This session will discuss how to create an ethical culture in which you and others flourish both personally and professionally.


Developing Your Cultural IQ: Leading Across a Diverse Landscape

This presentation will discuss the challenges of leading in contexts which bring together diverse organizational and national cultures and develop strategies to create equity and inclusion among the organization. The discussion will focus on the effects one’s culture has on leadership and how to utilize a cultural framework to understand another person’s attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.