Environmental Wellness

Environmental Wellness

Environmental wellness is the ability to lead a lifestyle that is respectful of the environment and being aware of the impact of everyday actions on the environment.   It includes the ability to promote measures that improve the standard of living and quality of health in our environment.

Student Office of Sustainability (SOOS)

Fosters environmental awareness throughout the Pitt community, with the goal to infuse sustainability into the culture, values, and decision making processes at Pitt.
Instagram:   @PittSOOS

Pitt Sustainability

Stay up-to-date with Pitt’s sustainability initiatives and learn more about how you can get involved!

University of Thriftsburgh

Reducing textile waste and cutting carbon by reselling and reusing clothing.  Sustainability, social justice, and vintage outfits for all.

The Pitt Pantry

Ensuring all students have regular access to health food options through the support of University of Pittsburgh Housing, Food Service, and donations from the university staff and greater Pittsburgh community.

The Pitt Bike Cave

A bicycle co-op, located between Posvar and David Lawrence, where you can learn how to fix bikes, fix your own with our tools, join a ride, or volunteer.

The Farmer’s Market

An opportunity to support and connect students, faculty, and staff with our local producers.   Check the site for dates and times.

Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation

Explore the sustainability research here at Pitt

Student Organization Resource Center

Join any number of student-led organizations that advocate or engage in outdoor or environmental activities.