Exam Accommodations

Exam Accommodations

Students may be approved for exam accommodations.  Possible accommodations include, but are not limited to:

  • Extended time on exams
  • An environment in which distractions are minimized
  • Use of scribe/readers
  • Use of assistive technology

DRS defines an exam as any quiz, test, or final. All students wishing to utilize exam accommodations are required to be registered with DRS and have requested their Letter of Accommodation for the current term.

In situations where Instructors are not able to administer an accommodated exam, the University Testing Center (UPTC) is available to students.

Steps to Schedule an Exam in The University of Pittsburgh Testing Center (UPTC)

  1. Go to DRS Homepage (www.drs.pitt.edu)
  2. Scroll down and click on Student Login
  3. Login using your MyPitt credentials
  4. Click Alternative Testing
  5. Under “Alternative Testing Agreement(s)” select which course you are scheduling an exam
  6. Click “Schedule an Exam”
  7. Is your exam start time at least 3 business days* away? (Weekends and Holidays do not count as business days)
    1. Yes
      1. Under “Exam Detail” complete the required fields
      2. Report to UPTC on the date and time of the scheduled exam
    2. No
      1. Contact instructor about administering the exam with accommodations (i.e. in office hours or within the department)
      2. Contact instructor about taking the exam at a different time. The alternate exam time must be 3 business days* or more in the future to allow for the student to submit the request online through online student portal
      3. Take exam without accommodations
  1. Read and agree to “Term(s) and Condition(s)”
  2. Click “Add Exam Request”
  3. Once the request is submitted, you will receive the message “SYSTEM UPDATE IS SUCCESSFUL”
  4. At this time, you can either schedule another exam, or click “Alternative Testing” to view upcoming scheduled exams.

*The business day ends at 5:00pm