Exam Accommodations

Exam Accommodations

Students may be approved for exam accommodations.  Possible accommodations include but are not limited to:

  • Extended time on exams
  • An environment in which distractions are minimized
  • Use of scribe/readers
  • Use of assistive technology

DRS defines an exam as any quiz, test, or final. All students wishing to utilize exam accommodations are required to be registered with DRS and have requested their Letter of Accommodation for the current term.


In situations where Instructors are not able to administer an accommodated exam, the University Testing Center is available to students. Students schedule their exams online through DRS Task Center and exams are taken in the University of Pittsburgh Testing Center (UPTC), G33 Cathedral of Learning.

Outline Steps of How to Schedule an Exam in DRS Task Center

Disability Resources and Services Exam Information

University of Pittsburgh Testing Center – DRS Accommodations