Leadership Opportunities


Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders provides undergraduate Pitt students with a fun and exciting method to discover and develop your personal capacity to lead effectively during college and beyond. The foundation of the program is one of self-discovery as the basis for leadership, which is consistent with advanced leadership theory.

First Year Mentors

The First Year Mentors (FYMs) are upper-class student leaders who are here to support new students and their transition to Pitt.

Panther Leadership Summit

Panther Leadership Summit has been a convenient, affordable, and effective means of providing University of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Council of Higher Education (PCHE) consortium students with high-quality leadership training and development.

Student Government Board

The purpose of the University of Pittsburgh Student Government Board is to promote the concerns, interests, needs, and welfare of the student body of the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh campus.

Resident Assistants

Our ongoing goal is to make Pitt’s campus feel like your home away from home. Becoming an RA is a great way to get involved on campus and make a difference in the lives of your fellow students.

Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are specialized living environments that connect students inside- and outside-the-classroom experiences. Each LLC is unique, but all are centered on a distinctive theme or academic interest area. Students who choose to live in an LLC have a direct connection to their classroom experience, access to intentional events and programs, and dedicated staff members who work to make the community a success.

Pitt Program Council

As the central programming organization on campus, our 8 student run committees plan and execute a wide variety of entertainment, recreational, social, and educational activities.

Student Civic Engagement Council (SCEC)

The SCEC works to enhance the amount, variety and quality of civic engagement opportunities in Pittsburgh while supporting all of PittServes’ existing endeavors on campus.

Student Conduct Peer Review Board (SCPRB)

The Student Conduct Peer Review Board (SCPRB) will hear cases involving Code violations which will not result in suspension or dismissal. The SCPRB will be made up of undergraduate, graduate, and/or part-time students in good academic standing.

Student Organization Resource Center (SORC)

Student organizations play a major role in our active and vibrant campus community. Our Student Organization Resource Center (SORC) is here to ensure that our 600+ student organizations have the support they need to operate at the highest level.

Arts Ambassador

PITT ARTS undergraduate hosts are extensively trained in leadership. PITT ARTS hosts are responsible to scan all students for OCC credit, sign in students, distribute tickets to students, get students on the bus, the the restaurant and to the hall for the concert, play, or other arts destination, interact with arts  organizations’ staff and make sure that students make it back via bus to Pitt’s campus at the end of the Arts Encounter program.


PantherWELL Peer Health Educators are your resource for health topics made for students, by students.    Comprised of 15 undergraduates student leaders, the PantherWELL Peer Health Educators provide fun and interactive programs on a number of health topics at Pitt to support the HealthyU initiatives and mission of Student Health Service.

Let’s Rave

The LET’S RAVE peer education program is based on the concept of “students teaching students”. Peer educators present workshops to their peers on campus on various issues, including sexual assault awareness, university resources, prevention and bystander intervention training.