Network & Job Shadow

Network & Job Shadow

Networking Tip & Opportunities

Networking Skills
  • The goal of networking is to exchange ideas, not seek a job.
  • Be confident and energetic. Doing so will help others remember you and refer you to other contacts.
  • Be punctual, as this shows that you are responsible and respect others’ time.
  • Follow up after meeting a contact. Send a thank-you note.
  • Networking professionals agree that over-preparing is essential. A tip from Drake, Beam & Morin, a human resources firm, suggests a 10/90 ratio. For every 10 minutes you have a conversation with an individual, you spend 90 minutes preparing.
  • Don’t be afraid to let people know that you are job searching for the first time. A high percentage of people get jobs because someone knew someone else who was looking to fill “that position.” If no one knows you are looking for a job, they can’t refer you.
  • Bring items like business cards, a portfolio with resumes, a pen, breath mints and your planner/calendar.  These seemingly simple items can help you better connect with colleagues, business leads or potential employers.
  • Sample Request for Informational Interview Email/Letter
  • Sample Thank you note
  • How to work a career fair
  • How to ask for an Introduction
Networking Opportunities
Shadowing Opportunities

Whether you are undecided or pursuing a specific career path, job shadowing is beneficial for all students. Defined as an unpaid experience, lasting no fewer than 4 hours and no greater than 50 hours, a job shadow provides students with the chance to observe a professional in his or her work environment and discuss the opportunities and challenges that exist in the industry.


Panther Shadow Program

The Panther Shadow Program is a job shadow experience, comprised of 5-15 students visiting a specific employer’s headquarters or designated facility. It’s designed to provide groups of students with exposure to and knowledge of a company that they are interested in pursuing.


Shadow in your City

Shadow in Your City is a component of the Panther Shadow Program, engaging companies and organizations in Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City.

Social Media

Social media is revolutionizing the way companies recruit, and you need to know the dos and don’ts in order to use it to your advantage.



LinkedIn is the #1 professional network worldwide and is a great tool for networking with employers and professionals in almost every career path.



Twitter can be a tremendous tool for networking and researching career fields. Follow people and organizations you are interested in to learn the latest information and join the conversation. Participate in live chats to connect with professionals and attract potential employers. Before you get started, make sure you understand how to use Twitter in a professional way.



An increasing number of recruiters today view candidates' Facebook pages for screening purposes. If you do not want a potential employer to see your uncensored personal life, change your privacy settings or clean up your profile. Your online presence is becoming more important and you don’t want your Facebook page to prevent you from getting a job.

Pitt students


Alumni In Residence (AIR)

The University of Pittsburgh Career Center’s Alumni-In-Residence program provides notable alumni a chance to give back through assisting current Pitt students with career and professional development. The AIR program is designed to work in tandem with Career Center services and resources offered to prepare and develop students along their career journey. The program is exceptionally unique, as it is implemented and driven exclusively through alumni volunteers who share their time as well as their professional experiences, lessons, and successes!


Throughout the academic year, Alumni-In-Residence members host career focused presentations and office hours in which undergraduate and graduate students can partake in. For details about upcoming AIR programs, visit Handshake and search “Alumni-In-Residence”.


2019-2020 Alumni-In-Residence


Bradford Bell

Foreign Service Officer, US Department of State

Political Science/Certificate in Latin American Studies, 1995


Jennifer Bertetto

President & Chief Executive Officer, Trib Total Media and 535 Media, LLC

B.S. Psychology, 1997


Lisa Biondi

Chief Information Officer, System One Holdings, LLC

B.S. Electrical Engineering, 1987

M.S. Electrical Engineering, 1994


Zack Bombatch

Associate Attorney, Steptoe & Johnson PLLC

B.S. Business Administration, 2011


Shawn Buckner
Director, Office of Policy Analysis, United States Department of the Interior

JD Law, 2001


Heather Dannhardt

Global Director of Engineering, New Product Development and Detection, MSA Innovation, Inc.

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, 2004


Duane Dishong

Retired, Engineer, EQT

B.S. Civil Engineering, 1974


Angela Foglia

North America Desktop Service & Divestiture Director, Arconic, Inc.

Information Science, 1986 & 1990


Timothy  James

Product Technology Manager, Google

B.S. Computer Science, 2002

MBA Economic, Business Strategy, 2005


Nicholas Kirsch

Lead Controls Engineer, IAM Robotics

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, 2009

M.S. Mechanical Engineering, 2012

Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, 2016


Tom Lynskey

Senior Development Manager, Direct Energy

B.S. Chemical Engineering, 1981

MBA, Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business, 1986


Timothy McLaughlin

Chief Operation Officer, Chief Executive Officer, 321 Blink

Exercise Physiology, 1989


Thomas Platt

Associate Professor and Vice Chair, Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology, University of Pittsburgh

Public Administration, 1995

Ed.D Instructional Education, 2007


David Popelka

Executive Vice President, Garrison Hughes

Communication, 1994


Donna Sanft

Retired, Executive Associate Athletic Director & Associate Dean of Students, University of Pittsburgh

B.S. Health and Physical Education, 1974

M.Ed. Health, Physical and Recreation Education, 1989


Xiaoyi Teng

Vascular Surgeon, Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation

MD, Medicine, 2011