University Internship Program

University Internship Program

The purpose of the new University Internship Program is to create a centralized location where all on-campus internships are tracked and posted.  Benefits of the University Internship Program include:

  • Internship development support and quick click re-posting for future terms
  • Increased visibility for opportunities to broader ranges of students
  • Additional marketing and outreach to internship seeking students and relevant academic departments
  • University-wide data collection of internship experiences


Internship Supervisor Webinar  COMING SOON
Watch this brief webinar in order to learn how to become an internship supervisor, to understand the legal responsibilities with unpaid internships, and to gain access to posting internships at Pitt.


Types of Internships

  • PAID-The internship must be a learning experience and it must be processed through existing student employment procedures in Human Resources.
    • Course Credit-The student would register for a course that provides at least one credit for successful completion. Approval for course credit is at the discretion of each academic department.   Understand that credit-worthiness is determined on a case by case basis.  For additional information about this process, click here. Feel free to direct any questions about credit to the CDPA Internship Team.
    • Educational Internship-An Educational Internship is an approved and monitored educational experience to gain knowledge and skills related to an academic field of study.  Each Internship should define the educational benefits to the student and the responsibilities/expectations of the student.  An educational internship opportunity must include a documented Internship Plan and should consider the following guidelines.  The internship:
      • benefits the students,
      • does not displace regular employees,
      • consists of supervision by a faculty member, staff member, or designate,
      • meets specific learning goals,
      • provides no entitlement of a job after the experience has been completed, and
      • provides no entitlement or expectation of wages.


STEP 1:  Write an Internship Description

  • Follow this link for an Internship Description Template.
  • The Internship Plan should be part of the position description to clarify learning experience to students as well as provide optimal information to assist academic departments with approving opportunities for credit.

STEP 2:  Post the Internship in Handshake
All undergraduate internships hosted on the University of Pittsburgh main campus should be posted in Handshake.  Handshake is the software used by the Office of Career Development and Placement Assistance to manage employment and internship postings for Pitt students.  Putting all on-campus internships in this centralized database will improve visibility of opportunities to a broad range of students, and will also give postings access to more direct marketing opportunities to all relevant students.

  • Request Handshake access here.
  • Upon completion of this form you will receive Handshake account information from the CDPA Internship Team
  • Let us post your internship for you!  Email your Internship Description to and an Internship team member will be happy to fill out the online form.
    Note: In future semesters the Internship Team will contact you about a simple process of re-posting this position.  Re-posting takes only a few clicks on Handshake!

STEP 3:  Recruit

  • Conduct traditional recruitment methods which may include phone screens and interviews.
  • If your division, school or department requires additional clearances or forms, please incorporate those into the process at the appropriate time, which may be before selection or prior to notification of the student.
  • Select a candidate.
    • If the student is seeking academic credit, then please complete the form provided by their department in a timely manner.
  • Have an Internship Plan signed and dated by the student and the supervisor, and send a copy to or CDPA Internship Team, 200 William Pitt Union within two weeks of the start of the internship.
  • Recommended Recruitment Timelines
    Summer 2017 Fall 2017* Spring 2018
    Post Position January-March April-July October-November
    Interviews March/April July-August November/December
    Decision/Offer By Mid-April August/Early Sept.
    December/Early Jan.
    Deadline for Credit
    Add/Drop Dates vary
    September 8 January 16

    *Note: For Fall recruitment, if planning in advance, feel free to follow the suggested summer recruitment dates to take advantage of recruiting and interviewing students while on campus.

  • Additional marketing opportunities for on-campus departments to promote internships include the Summer Job and Internship Fair on March 22, 2017 and the Student Employment Fair in late August.

STEP 4:  Onboard, Train and Evaluate

  • Prepare a space for the intern in advance and make time for training, introductions, and setting expectations.
  • Consider evaluating students in the middle and at the end of the internship to give them tangible feedback about their performance.
  • Students earning academic credit are likely to have mid-point and end of term evaluation forms provided and required by their academic departments.


Alyson Kavalukas, Internship Coordinator,