International Internships

International Internships

Participating in an international internship is your launching pad to a global career. This is a unique and unforgettable opportunity to gain practical work experience and make connections in major business centers around the world. You will participate in a high-quality internship program, where you will gain the professional skills to succeed in a competitive, global workplace. International Internships are offered in partnership with the Study Abroad Office.


International Internship Program
Open to Business and Arts & Sciences students
Through this program, you will work a full-time, summer internship abroad, gaining global competence and professional skills, while creating a global network that you can carry forward throughout your career.


Pitt in London
Fall, Spring and Summer opportunities include a wide range of internship opportunities in a variety of industries. In addition, a wide variety of courses are available to students from all majors.


Pitt in Florence
Spring program includes internship opportunities for qualified student in addition to a wide variety of three-credit courses.


Pitt in Sydney
Fall, Spring and Summer
Pitt in Sydney offers students the opportunity to study in the Southern Hemisphere’s most dynamic and diverse city. Students have a wide range of courses from which to choose and can also participate in an internship.