Departmental Resources

Departmental Resources

Your academic department web-page is a great resource to start with when thinking about seeking an internship or research opportunity. In addition, many scholarships, fellowships, and awards are available to assist with funding these opportunities. Check out what your department or school has to offer.

 Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences  Research  |  Awards  |  Faculty Guidelines
 School of Education  Research
 Swanson School of Engineering  Internships  |  Co-Op  |  Research  |  Awards  |  Abroad
 College of Business Administration  Internships  |  Awards  |  Abroad
 College of General Studies  Internships  |  Awards
 School of Health & Rehab Sciences  Research  |  Awards  |  Abroad
 School of Social Work  Field Education  |  Research  |  Awards
 School of Computing and Information  Research
 School of Nursing  Research
 Honors College  Internships  |  Fellowships  |  Field Studies  |  Awards
 Africana Studies  Abroad
 Anthropology  Research  |  Abroad
 Architectural Studies  Internships 
 Biological Studies  Internships  |  Research  |  Awards
 Chemistry  Research  |  Non-Research Opportunities
 Classics  Abroad  |  Research  Internships
 Communication  Internships  |  Research  |  Awards
 Computer Science  Co-Op  |  Research
 East Asian Languages & Lit  Research  |  Scholarships  |  Abroad  |  Internships
 Economics  Research  |  Awards
 English  Internships  |  Writing Contests
 Film Studies  Internships  |  Awards  |  Study Abroad
 French & Italian Languages & Lit  Experiential Learning & Abroad  |  Research
 Gender, Sexuality, & Women’s Studies  Research  |  Awards
 Geology & Environmental Science  Geology: Internships  |  Field Camps  |  Research 

Enviro Science (BS): Internships  |  Field Course  |  Research

Enviro Studies (BA): Field Camps  |  Research

 German  Scholarships & Awards  |  Abroad
 Hispanic Languages & Lit  Research  |  Abroad
 History  Internships  |  Research  |  Awards
 History & Philosophy of Science  Research
 History of Art & Architecture  Internships 
 Linguistics  Research  |  Capstone & Internships 
 Mathematics  Internships  |  Research  |  Abroad
 Neuroscience  Research  |  Fellowships
 Philosophy  Mentoring
 Physics & Astronomy  Internships  |  Fellowships & Awards Research
 Political Science  Internships  |  Research  |  Awards
 Psychology  Internships  |  Research  |  Awards
 Religious Studies  Scholarships & Awards
 Slavic Languages & Lit  Abroad
 Sociology  Internships
 Statistics  Internships  |  Research
 Studio Arts  Internships
 Theatre Arts  
 Urban Studies  Internships   |  Abroad
 University Center for
International Studies
 Study Abroad