GTM PROFILES 2018-2019

The Global Ties Mentors for 2018-2019. To learn more about the GTMs and other leadership opportunities. Visit the Global Ties’ “Leadership Opportunities” page.


Yu Lin (Sally), Lead Global Ties Mentor
Citizenship: USA| Gender Id: Female| Yr: Senior| Language: English and Chinese| Major: Biology| Minor: Chemistry | Clubs: PPAA, ASA, SASE, Global Ties | Described as: In-Between Shy & Outgoing
Hello everyone and welcome to PITT! My name is Sally and I'm a junior majoring in Biology on the Pre-PA tract. As a third year, I made many wonderful memories and I'm sure you will too. At Pitt you will meet some amazing people, make life-long friends and learn to love the Cathedral of Learning aka Cathy. I, personally, love to try new things and taste different foods so the Pittsburgh City is perfect for that. There's lots to explore and don't hesitate to invite me on a little adventure around the city! I’m very excited to meet you all and help you along the way of your transition to campus. Hail to Pitt!
Ziqi (Zack) Shen, Lead Global Ties Mentor
Citizenship: China| Gender Id: Male| Yr: Senior| Language: English, Mandarin| Major: History and Communication | Clubs: Pitt Calligraphy Club, Global Ties | Described as: Outgoing
Hello there and welcome to Pitt!!! My name is Zack Shen, and I am entering my Senior year of college, majoring History and Communication. I was originally from Shanghai, China and first came to the States six years ago. I finished high school in a small town in Iowa and eventually ended up in Pittsburgh. My experience at Pitt has been a blast, and I am more than excited to tell you all about it. Studying abroad in a foreign country can be rather challenging, but worry not, since the Global Ties is on your side. My team will strive to make your transition a breeze and your college experience a fantastic one. Even though this is my first year as the lead GTM , my many years as an international student have well-equipped me to answer any of your questions and offer my most genuine suggestions. So feel free to reach out to me, whether it is through Facebook, Email, or Wechat. I am happy to chat and answer any questions you might have.
Madhumita (Madhu) Mahesh, Global Ties Mentor
Citizenship: United States| Gender Id: Female | Yr: Senior | Language: English, Tamil, Hindi| Major: Psychology and Gender, Sexuality, Womens Studies | Minor: American Sign Language and Teacher Education | Clubs: Pitt ARTificial, Transfer Student Association, Pitt Strong Women Strong Girls, Epsilon Sigma Alpha Service Fraternity | Described as:  Outgoing
Hello everyone! I am so excited to welcome you to Pitt! I'm a junior and I love being a student here. I cannot wait to help you fall in love with Pitt too! Some of my favorite things to do are make new friends, pet all the dogs I see on campus, and drink as much chai as I possibly can. One of the great things about Pitt is the urban location, there is never a dull moment in the city! I especially love exploring the city's growing art and music scene. I am psyched to meet and connect with you all, and be a friend, resource, or just someone to talk to! Hail to Pitt!
Aamil Shah, Global Ties Mentor
Citizenship: United States| Gender Id: Male| Yr: Sophomore| Language: English and Gujarati | Major: Bioengineering|Minor: Neuroscience| Organizations/Clubs: Pitt ARTificial, Beta Theta Pi Fraternity,Global Ties | Described as: Outgoing
Hello! My name is Aamil and welcome to the University of Pittsburgh! Growing up in Washington DC, I've become very used to city life. My favorite things about Pittsburgh are the art and culture scenes, the diversity of both the student population and native population across the city, the accepting atmosphere, and the independence of college life. My favorite moments of college life are when it's warm and everyone gets their beach towels and sits outside on Soldiers and Sailors or Schenley Plaza. I'm so excited to get to know all of you!!! Hail to Pitt!!!
Caitlin Budd, Global Ties Mentor
Citizenship: USA | Gender Id: Female | Yr: Junior | Language: English | Major: Natural Sciences| Clubs: Epsilon Sigma Alpha (ESA), Global Ties | Described as: Outgoing 
Hi everyone, my name is Caitlin and I’m one of your Global Ties Mentors! I’m a junior at Pitt studying natural sciences on the PA track. I chose to come to Pitt because I wanted to be able to explore the city while still learning in an academically challenging environment, and Pitt truly does give you both. I’ve had the opportunity to do fun things like ice skating downtown, watching fireworks at the point, and listening to SNL comedians perform stand-up comedy. I hope you guys are all excited for what is going to be one of the most exciting years of your life, and I can’t wait to see you all in fall. H2P!
Justina Moktan (Justu), Global Ties Mentor
Citizenship: Nepal| Gender Id: Female | Yr: Junior| Language: English, Nepali, Chinese (Little), Hindi (Little)| Major: Finance and Marketing | Minor: Economics | Clubs: Nepalese American Students Association, Pitt Society for International Business, Rukmini Foundation Chapter at Pitt, Global Ties | Described as: In-between shy & outgoing 
Hi everyone, I'm Justina and welcome to Pitt! I'm a Junior studying Finance and Marketing with a minor in Economics. I'm a Nepali citizen but was actually born and raised in Singapore. I love meeting people from all over the world and especially enjoy exchanging one another's cultural experiences. Having grown up in the city my whole life, I like to escape the monotony of city life through outdoor backpacking trips. If I'm not studying or working, I'm usually roaming the streets of Oakland with a caffeinated beverage in my hand or venturing out into the local neighborhoods of Pittsburgh. Yelp is one of my most used app in my phone because I'm always trying out new restaurants and cafes. Being a CBA student, you will most likely find me in either Sennott Square or in Mervis Hall but I am constantly in search of new campus places to study at. I look forward to meeting with all of you and making your Pitt experience one of a kind! I am a very open person, so if you need anything, feel free to reach out to me at any time!
Jeong Eun Kim, Global Ties Mentor
Citizenship: Korea| Gender Id: Female| Yr: Junior| Language: Korean, English, Spanish | Major: Nursing| Clubs: Pitt Pathfinders, Global Ties | Described as: In-between Shy and Outgoing
Welcome to Pitt! My name is Jeongeun and I am a junior nursing student. Transitioning to Pitt from a foreign country was definitely one of the most remarkable experience in my life so far and I am excited to share my experiences with you and hopefully make it easier for you. Pittsburgh really grew on me and I can't wait to show you what this city and school has to offer.
Yumeng (Ruby) Dai, Global Ties Mentor
Citizenship: China| Gender Id: Female|Yr: Junior| Language: Chinese, English, German | Major: Rehab Sciences | Minor: German | Clubs: Pitt Program Council, Global Ties | Described as: Outgoing
Hi! My name is Ruby and I'm so excited to welcome you all to Pitt! As someone who just had an amazing first year, I know you've made the right decision to come here. The thing I love about this city is that it's filled with great people and great food! In my spare time I like to try out cool restaurants around the area. There's also many fun things going on every week not only on campus but also in the city, so feel free to join me on more spontaneous adventures in Pittsburgh:)
Angie Natalia Sandoval Casas, Global Ties Mentor
Citizenship: Colombia| Gender Id: Female| Yr: Senior| Language: Spanish, English, Korean| Major: Accounting| Minor: Economics, Korean, Certificate in International Business | Clubs: Phi Eta SIgma National Honor Society, Pitt Spanish Club, Society for International Business, NSCS, OCC Honoary Society,Global Ties | Described as: In-Between Shy & Outgoing
Hi everyone and welcome to Pitt! My name is Angie and I can’t wait to be your mentor this academic year. I am a junior at CBA, majoring in Accounting with a double minor in Korean and Economics. I am an adventurous traveler, language fanatic, proud Latina and passionate about cultural diversity. Before moving to Pittsburgh, I lived 5 years in Puerto Rico and I am originally from Colombia. Learning new languages allows me to explore and interact with so many cultures and prepares me for future travels in my career. My goal during college, besides completing my degree with honors, is to travel abroad to places that I have never been to before as much as possible. So far, I have been to Ecuador, Spain and Germany, and I am ready for my next adventure! Fun fact: I commute from home every day which means that I am an expert with Pittsburgh’s public transportation system, feel free to ask me for directions or about interesting places to visit outside of campus. Lastly, I enjoy meeting students from all over the world and learning about their different cultures, traditions and delicious typical cuisine. Hail to Pitt! See you very soon!
Andrew Leung, Global Ties Mentor
Citizenship: Taiwan| Gender Id: Male| Yr: Sophomore| Language: English, Mandarin Chinese| Major: Statistics and Economics| Minor: Computer Science | Clubs: Asian Student Alliance, Global Ties | Described as: In-Between Shy & Outgoing
Hello everyone and welcome to Pitt. I’m looking forward to meeting you all and making your transition here as smooth as possible. Hopefully you’re excited to take on this upcoming school year! A bit about myself: I consider myself to be more of an introvert, but I’m always down to spend time with friends wherever and whenever. Otherwise, you’ll probably find me studying, playing video games, watching TV shows/Anime, binge eating any type of food, or spending a ridiculous amount of time looking at memes on Reddit. I hope to share many of my experiences that I’ve had so far in college with you, so feel free to contact me if you’re unsure/concerned about anything. Last but certainly not least, make sure that you make the most out of your time here at Pitt!
Mary Nayrouz, Global Ties Mentor
Citizenship: United States| Gender Id: Female| Yr: Sophomore| Language: English, Arabic| Major: Biological Sciences| Minor: Chemistry | Clubs: Pitt Program Council, Lamda Sigma Honor Society, American Marketing Association, Global Ties | Described as: In-Between Shy & Outgoing
Hi everyone! My name is Mary and I’m a sophomore at Pitt. I plan on majoring in biological sciences, but bio is just one of many interests. Some things about me are I love to read (not textbooks), dream of traveling the world, and enjoy exploring the city which always leads to me getting lost (I have a better sense of direction now) but still ends up being a quality adventure. Pittsburgh satisfies my love for food too. You can find me at Chick-fil-A a lot. Most of all, I love meeting people and learning so much more about the world. I’m able to do so many of the things I love at Pitt and more! Don’t be afraid to reach out to me. I would love to answer any questions or do any of the wonderful things at Pitt with you. Can’t wait to meet all of you and welcome to the Pitt family!
Abena Ampofo, Global Ties Mentor
Citizenship: Ghana, USA| Gender Id: Female| Yr: Junior| Language: English, French, Alan| Major: Biological Sciences| Minor: Sociology and Chemistry, Africana Studies Certificate | Clubs: African Students' Organization, POMS, OCC Honorary Society, Global Ties | Described as: Outgoing
Welcome to Pitt! My name is Abena and I am a junior majoring in Biology on the Pre-Med track. Pitt has been so wonderful to me, allowing me to make great friends, reconnect with my foremost goal, and try new things. I can guarantee you’re going to love Pitt and the city of Pittsburgh, getting a chance to try so many new things and learning about yourself a lot more. I can’t wait to go on adventures around the city and doing all I can to help make your transition to Pitt and your stay in the city a worthwhile experience. Hail to the Blue and Gold! Hail to Global Ties!! H2P!!!
Ji Hyuk Shon (Jay), Global Ties Mentor
Citizenship: USA| Gender Id: Male| Yr: Senior| Language: English, Korean| Major: Computer Science| Clubs: Global Ties | Described as: Outgoing
Welcome to Pitt! My name is Ji Hyuk, but you can call me Jay. I love to set goals and pursue them. In fact, I will set one right now. My personal goal is to make sure that your time at the University of Pittsburgh will be something you value for years to come. By achieving this goal, my hope is that you will look back at Pitt as one of the greatest, fun-filled moments in your life. Although, the goal may seem challenging, I am confident that we can achieve it together. Hail to Pitt! Hope to see you soon!
Torrey Trahanovsky, Global Ties Mentor
Citizenship: USA| Gender Id: Male| Yr: Sophomore| Language: English, ASL| Major: Marketing, Information Science| Minor: Sociology, Pre-Professional Writing| Clubs: Computer Science Club, TAMID, WICS, ASL club, The Innovation Institute, Design for America, Creative 360, American Marketing Association, Habitat for Humanity, Global Ties | Described as: Outgoing
Hi! Welcome to the University of Pittsburgh, where I hope to make it feel like your home for the school year. I'm Torrey, a rising Sophmore at Pitt! As you can tell from my profile, I’m heavily involved in various clubs, communities, and organizations on campus. Also, I am a out-of-state student from California and did not know anyone prior to coming to Pitt or how to navigate around the school. Thus, if there’s a club or student group that you are looking to become a part of, I’d be glad to assist you in making that a reality. I can also help guide you around the in’s and out’s of the school whether it be physically, socially, or academically. Additionally, I've worked as a student researcher and did/do work with companies on campus like Google, 5-Hour Energy, and the Peace Corps. If you are interested in potentially working with similar companies or in research at Pitt (or just want some free merch), feel free to reach out and I’d be glad to help as much as I can.