CCLD Action Statement

It is not enough to want change. We must be the change.

The staff of Cross Cultural and Leadership Development (CCLD) honors the lives and legacies of those killed by police brutality – George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Nina Pop, David McAtee, Antwon Rose, unfortunately there are too many to name. This recent list is only a reflection that the list is too long and the unjust treatment of Black people in America must end. Our country’s long history of racism and cruelty must end.

As we work to create critical change, CCLD wants to be clear about one thing – Black Lives Matter.

We stand with our Black students. Our mission has been clear since CCLD was opened – to facilitate the holistic learning and development of the University of Pittsburgh community by providing opportunities for you to deepen your cultural awareness and understanding, as well as develop leadership skills and a strong sense of civic responsibility.

We need every voice to make this change. If you are reading this letter and thinking that your voice isn’t needed for change, please consider the privilege and complicity of being silent during matters of injustice.

We promise to be more vigilant with our mission to ensure that the climate on campus for Black students changes. CCLD commits to taking action on embedding anti-racism into the work of everything that we do.

Actions that CCLD is committed to taking immediately –

  • Review all CCLD policies and procedures for equity and inclusion
  • Examine and update CCLD mission to further promote an inclusive space for students that is committed to being actively anti-racist
  • Update diversity, equity, and inclusion training for all fraternity and sorority members
  • Review all events that CCLD has traditionally requested Pitt Police presence to determine necessity and evaluate procedures related to policing
  • Partner with Student Affairs to develop and implement anti-racism training for all Student Affairs staff
  • Work with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) to create clarity in the reporting process for racist and bias incidents

Important Statements from University Partners –

Op-Ed in The Pitt News from Black Action Society Leaders – “We are Done Dying”

Message from Dean Bonner about Racial Injustice

Resources for Activism and Allyship  –

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