Multicultural Counseling Rotation Toolkit

Multicultural Counseling Rotation Toolkit (MCRTK)

The Multicultural Counseling Rotation Toolkit (MCRTK) has been collaboratively designed for training sites to construct or modify a rotation that focuses on perspectives and applications of cultural humility, diversity, equity, and inclusion.
The funding for the MCRTK is made possible by grant funding from the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC) Call to Action on Equity, Inclusion, Diversity, Justice, and Social Responsivity RFP.
Training experiences are multidimensional and can include:

  • Engaging in clinical services (e.g., individual, group, relationship, and/or family counseling and assessment)
  • Developing and implementing outreach initiatives (e.g., facilitating workshops and discussions)
  • Participating in related setting committees (treatment and care teams including a Multicultural Care Team)
  • Being involved in administrative endeavors (e.g., providing feedback on a setting’s Diversity Plan)
  • Having individual supervision specific to the rotation as well as weekly seminars
  • Trainees engaging in further professional development by attending conferences when possible

Throughout, there are opportunities for trainees to receive and provide feedback, verbally and formally in writing, on their rotation experiences. The MCRTK includes summary descriptions of the different components of the rotation, evaluation tools, and references to aid professional development. Tools were designed to be adapted to setting needs, expectations, and populations.
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If you have any questions, concerns or feedback regarding the Toolkit, please contact us by calling 412-648-7930.