Student Self-Care Day



The University Counseling Center, along with Pitt Program Council, UnpackU, JED Campus and campus partners, invites you to join us for Student Self-Care Day on October 14, 2020.


We have an exciting lineup of live, interactive events and self-guided activities aimed at helping students discover, define and develop self-care practices. Students will also have the chance to win prizes and self-care swag!


Click on the links below to learn more and join in on the fun!
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Please note: You must register using your Pitt email address to participate.
Registration closes once an event begins.


Upcoming Featured Event:

‘Happy Hazel’ Advance Screening & LIVE Q&A

Happy Hazel website image


Join us at 7:30pm for an advance screening of the new YouTube series ‘Happy Hazel’, followed by a Q&A with director, Jared Shores and stars, Sabrina Haskett and Zach Tinker!

The night of the event will go as follows:
– The event will start on Zoom at 7:30pm with an introduction to the film: Click here to join the LIVE Q&A at 7:30pm!
– Then we will watch together via Storyspaces. You must get your free ticket here via Storyspaces in order to see the advance screening of Happy Hazel. It only take a few seconds: Click here to get your ticket!
– We will return to Zoom for the live Q&A with director and cast!


As one of YouTube’s most popular creators, @IAmHappyHazel is always, and always ready to make someone happy. But when the camera is off, Hazel Rybicki (Sabrina Haskett) is becoming a stranger in her own life. As she falls for the one guy who has never heard of her, the aspiring chef and anti-oversharing Keith from Ohio (Zach Tinker), can Hazel find herself again or will Keith only make things more complicated?

Happy Hazel is short form drama/comedy series that pulls back the curtain on the “YouTuber” world and questions what truly brings us happiness. Come see a sneak preview of the first episodes before they are available to everyone else on YouTube!


45-minute+ Activities

4:30p Using Mindfulness for Career Exploration with Ryan Sweeny, PhD. & Alyssa Camerota, MS
5pm UCC Wellness Workshop: Staying Well While Staying In
6pm Treat Yo’Self with Ahmed Ghuman, PsyD.
6pm Self-Care as Social Justice with Seth Young, PhD.
8pm Brain Break Bingo with Pitt Program Council
9pm Center for Creativity presents: Open Mic Night

30-minute Activities

4:30pm Take a “Healthy Ride” with Nick Goodfellow
4:45pm Q&A with a Registered Dietitian – Kristin Grover, RD
5pm Destress with Zentangle with Carol Balk, MS
6pm 7 Ways Exercise Can Improve Self-Care Practice with Kevin Sciullo, MS
6:15p Zumba with Amanda Ries
6:30pm How To: Create a Self-Soothe Kit with Cassandra Long, LSW & Bernadette Smith, LPC

15-minute Activities

4:30pm Wellness Course Overview with Cassandra Long, LSW & Ahmed Ghuman, PsyD.
5pm A Look Inside with Emiola Oriola
5pm No Sweat Workout – Taking Time for YOU with Alicia Brindle
6:30pm Sustainability & Self-Care: A Focus on Environmental Wellness with Sean Moundas, PsyD.