Workshops are offered at the Wellness Center and Student Groups/ Departments of the University can request workshops to take place around the campus.   Workshops are interactive presentations focused on building specific skills for a wide variety of topics.   Workshops are offered at various points in the semester and can be requested one month in advance for student groups/ departments.

Wellness workshops are drop in format, no appointment needed!   Registration is encouraged for “Express Your Stress”.   All Wellness Workshops are held in the Wellness Center, Nordenberg Hall except “Express Your Stress”.   All Workshops are 45 min-1 hour in length.


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Fall 2018 Workshops

Anxiety Management 101:
(Thursdays @ 1pm, Fridays @ 10am)

The Anxiety Management 101 Workshop is a series of 4 classes.   The purpose is to teach skills for managing the physiological symptoms of anxiety, challenging anxious thoughts, and coping with test anxiety.   Students are not expected to share personal information, talk about their experiences of anxiety, or even share their name with other students in the room.   If what you’ve tried thus far hasn’t worked or you would like to learn new skills, it might be beneficial to give this workshop a try.

Bouncing Back:                      *** Starting Sept. 4
(Wednesdays @ 1pm)

Every person has four options for dealing with any problem:

  1. accept the problem;
  2. tolerate the problem;
  3. change the situation; or
  4. stay miserable.

In this three-week workshop series, find out how to assess your unique strengths and skills, and harness them to persevere through the unique challenges facing students like you.   Join us at the University Counseling Center to learn how to face your feelings and work through the tough stuff, so you can get back to living your best life.

Express Your Stress:           
(9/13, 10/11, 11/15, 12/13) @ 3pm
@ Center for Creativity, University Bookstore Lower Level

The C4C Workshop partners up with the University Counseling Center to offer a fall series on the connections between “making” and mental wellness!   Each weekly one-hour workshop centers on a different topic.   Participants will try out a number of different hands-on art practices while focusing on meditation, self-expression, and other principles.

  • September 13
  • October 11
  • November 15
  • December 13

Beginners and amateurs are very welcome!   These workshops are free, and open to all Pitt students, faculty, and staff.

Healthy Relationships:
(Fridays @ 3pm)

Come learn about qualities of healthy relationships and strategies for building them with friends, family members, classmates, and partners.

Managing Test Anxiety:      *** Starts early Oct. 8-December
(Mondays @ 3pm)

Offered around midterm and finals time focused on understanding the effects of stress around exams and learning effective coping strategies to manage it better.   Fall 2018 term workshop starts October 8th.

Mindful Emotions:                 *** Starts Sept. 18
(Tuesdays @ 10am)

The goal is to help provide students skills to help regulate emotions, tolerate stress, work on interpersonal skills and learn about goal setting.

Topics are listed below:

Week Dates Topic
#1 Sept 18 Setting Goals and Succeeding
#2 Sept 25 What is mindfulness and what is it all about?
#3 Oct 2 Managing intense emotions
#4 Oct 9 Acceptance for things outside of our control
#5 Oct 16 Awareness of our inner thoughts
#6 Oct 23 Understanding the Role of our Emotions
#7 Oct 30 Learning the language of feelings
#8 Nov 6 Increasing my Happiness
#9 Nov 13 Emotional Strength Training
#10 Nov 20 Get What you want
#11 Nov 27 Maintaining Healthy Relationships
#12 Dec 4 Learning to Ask for Help and to Say NO

Sex Ed Series:
(Tuesdays @ 1pm)

What do you know about sexuality?   What would you like to know about sexuality?
Regardless of your level of sex education, you are invited to join us for 8 weekly discussions about various topics related to human sexuality.   Feel free to attend all sessions or just one—up to you.

Each session will consist of an introductory-level educational presentation, with an anonymous question/answer session and an opportunity for discussion based on individual comfort levels.   Sex is a broad topic, so we welcome any and all questions!   The purpose is to provide a wide array of sex-positive, gender-inclusive information to help students better navigate their sexual world.

Topics will include:

  • Sexual Anatomy 101: Form & Function
  • Sexual Response Cycles: Brain & Body
  • Birds, Bees & Babies: Reproductive Choices
  • Protecting My Body & Yours: Sexually Transmitted Infections, Treatment & Testing
  • Safe & Consensual: Negotiating Sexual Experiences
  • When Sex is Painful or Challenging: Sexual Dysfunction & Treatment
  • Let’s Talk About Sex: Effective Sexual Communication
  • Mindful Sensuality: Enhancing the Sexual Experience

When Bad Things Happen:

Following an unexpected & distressing life event or traumatic experience, you may find yourself feeling anxious, sleeping less or more, withdrawing from others, and feeling numb or constantly thinking about the event.   It is hard to know what to do with these overwhelming feelings.   But, maybe you aren’t sure if you are quite ready to talk about it yet with a counselor.   This workshop is educational in nature and will focus on building your tool box for learning to cope with the aftermath of a challenging experience.

Workshop is drop-in; no commitment.   Located in the Wellness Center, Conference room 204.


  1. Fight, Flight, or Freeze response.   Why did I react this way?
  2. Coping skills
    • Relaxation/ self-regulation
    • Grounding
    • Containment
    • Writing/journaling
    • Drawing art/Coloring
  3. Resources/Options