In Solidarity & Action


The repeated incidents of Black lives being mistreated are deeply disturbing, saddening, infuriating, and a reminder that Black lives remain in peril. As a department within Student Affairs, the UCC is committed to protecting and supporting the well-being of all our students, and we proudly stand in solidarity with them. It is our responsibility to advocate for justice in society and engage in meaningful efforts to dismantle racism and other forms of hate.
These forms of hate have serious impact on our collective mental health. The commonplace nature of these racist incidents has led to an inevitable sense of exhaustion, fear, and numbness, while others may be feeling anger, disgust, and resentment. As we attempt to navigate this challenging reality, we are reminded that in order to stand up against hate and injustice, we all have individual and collective work to do. Our collective fight for justice must be unwavering and unceasing.
The UCC is here to provide support to the Pitt community. Please review our online services and resources to support our BIPOC students and allies.
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