Active Minds – University of Pittsburgh

Active Minds – Peer Education Programs

Active Minds at the University of Pittsburgh is a peer-based mental health advocacy organization with the mission to reduce mental health stigma on college campuses. Our organization offers Peer Education programs, developed by students for students. Our materials are reviewed and supported by the national nonprofit Active Minds and our advisor from the University Counseling Center (UCC).
We develop our workshops based on feedback from the student body, and aim to help students feel comfortable to reaching out for professional help, foster a positive attitude towards mental health, and advocate for themselves and others.
Available Programs

What is Therapy?

“What is Therapy?” is a program built to demystify and educate students about what goes on inside a therapy office, and how to find a therapist on- or off-campus. We cover basics of mental health, wellness, when to seek help, how to seek help, types of therapy, and more.

How to Help a Friend

“How to Help a Friend” is an interactive workshop to develop active listening skills and empathetic responses to be there for a friend in need. We use the Active Minds structure V-A-R (Validate, Appreciate, Refer) as a guide to listen and respond in a helpful way. Although we do discuss warning signs of suicide and appropriate ways to respond, this serves as a way to raise awareness and knowledge for everyday situations, not as suicide prevention training.

Please contact to request an Active Minds Peer Education Program.
Requests must be made at least two weeks in advance.